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12 Oct 2012

BC Allskas hail from Bishops Castle (hence the BC in their name) a place you wouldn’t instantly associate with Ska music, but there must be something in the water because the Allskas have been known to show up to gigs with 10 or 11 members.

They’ve recently released their first full length album, The House of Buendia...

10 Oct 2012

It’s interesting how prolific some bands can be. Some send just one song into the show and then seem to disappear. Most will probably upload between 3 and 5 tunes a year. Then there’s artists like Voxy P, who seems to send in a new track every other week.

What’s more they’re all ace. Hailing from near Oswestry, Voxy P (aka Scott Pugh) makes dance music that doesn’t just make you dance...

05 Oct 2012

Telford’s Lady Fortune have been pumping out top indie tunes for years now and have done some very impressive things (including playing the BBC Introducing stage at Reading and Leeds – the videos of which you can still find online by the way)

Their latest EP Brown Brown Brogues and Plimsolls, on...

03 Oct 2012

DJ Buzzword, aka Josh Arrowsmith, is from Bridgnorth but can usually be found DJing on the weekends in The Vaults in Shrewsbury, something you should definitely head down and see.

Probably Shropshire’s foremost Hip Hop producer, Buzzword’s first album I Wish It Was Reel is out on Cold Busted records – pick of it is probably...

28 Sep 2012

Polly and the Wolf are a collective of Shrewsbury Sixth Form students. I don’t think they’d be offended if I said they aren’t the type of band that throws TVs out of hotel windows. They’re probably more likely to plug the thing in, make a cup of tea and play along with Countdown.

Xylophones, pianos, horns and strings all make appearances on their lovingly crafted tunes. Comparisons are...

26 Sep 2012

When I started this blog I had images of me sitting at my computer typing away about Shropshire’s music scene with insight, wit and aplomb. 

Having tried to do that for well over an hour, I can tell you its a lot harder than you’d imagine. So I think that it’s best for us both if, instead, I take you through some of the most interesting acts I think Shropshire has produced over the last...

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