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05 Nov 2012

Photography by Richard Hammerton

12 Oct 2012

The usual 21st century traffic in Shrewsbury was replaced this afternoon with a scene from two hundred years ago as a pair of replica stagecoaches arrived at The Lion Hotel. Wyle Cop was closed to traffic and lined with onlookers for the arrival of the Monarch and the Nimrod at 3.30pm. A total of 24 guests plus six support staff travelled on the stagecoaches, which both used to come to...

17 Sep 2012

Photography by Richard Hammerton

01 Sep 2012

The Shrewsbury International Street Theatre Festival, now in its seventh year, has become one of the best events of its kind in the UK, and this year was just as startling, funny, alarming, rude and downright weird as ever. I'm looking forward to seeing more tomorrow on the final day of the festival..


Photographs by Richard Hammerton

23 Aug 2012

Rue Royale made a welcome return to Shrewsbury with their gig at the Shrewsbury Coffeehouse on the 16th of August, as the opening date of their latest tour of the UK and Europe. 

Rue Royale are husband and wife duo, Ruth and Brookln Dekker, who cite influences from Fleetwood Mac to Granddaddy, John Martin and Jose Gonzalez, but bring something very much of their own making to their...

22 Aug 2012

The annual Minsterley Show is a highlight of the summer in Shropshire and one of the best country shows to be found anywhere. This year was no exception, with the usual wide variety of things to see and do, from tractor parades and sheepdogs herding ducks to huge pedigree bulls and tiny Shetland ponies.


Photographs by Richard Hammerton

15 Aug 2012

Top class live Cajun music is not a regular event in Shrewsbury, and neither is the opportunity to see a four times Grammy nominated band, who often play to an audience of thousands, performing for just over fifty people in a small venue. On the evening of the 24th of July, if you were lucky enough to be at the Shrewsbury Coffeehouse on Castle Gates, you would have seen both these things....

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