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22 Nov 2012

Local Ufologist Darren Perks gives us further details of last nights UFO incident.

Between 2315 and 2340 hours on 21/11/2012 North of Shrewsbury, Shropshire UK. There was a UFO incident that was witnessed by myself and 14 other people. The object moved around unawares to the RAF and civilian authorities before disappearing over countryside approx 7 miles North of Shrewsbury. This object...

29 Sep 2012

It's not very often that Shropshire gets a web conference and last nights ShropGeek Theory of (R)Evolution certainly didn't disappoint. The four speakers gave fascinating insights into their past and current projects and it was interesting to see the success and failure.

Jake Smith from JP74 spoke about app and systems development...

25 Sep 2012

This is the second article in a series of articles by the The Web Orchard, the web development company behind Love Shrewsbury, read how the Web Orchard came to Love Shrewsbury.

On the Love Shrewsbury site we average around four new articles per day, over weeks and months this is a lot...

16 Sep 2012

Here are some of my photos from Saturday at Fields Forever Festival, more to come later on Richard Hammerton's blog.

11 Sep 2012

This article is the first in a series from Information Solutions Limited/The Web Orchard, about the development of the Love Shrewsbury website.

We love running the Love Shrewsbury site and through a series articles we'd like to give you an insider look into as to why we came together with Severn magazine to build Love Shrewsbury, demonstrate the technologies involved and how what we...

01 Sep 2012

Some of my photos from Saturday at the Shrewsbury Street Festival.

11 Aug 2012

Here are our photos from day one of the Shrewsbury Flower Show taken by Richard Hammerton.

(Click on a thumbnail below to see a larger version)

Read our coverage of Day One of the Flower Show.

11 Aug 2012

Want to share your photos of the Shrewsbury Flower show? If so send them to [email protected] and we will add them to our gallery, below are some that have already been sent to us!

10 Aug 2012

It`s difficult to believe when you stand in the Square surrounded by so many lovely shops that a little over 800 years ago the area was just a very deep pond!

It`s official geographical name was known as a "Kettle-Hole" but it was known at sometime as "Bishop Davids Pond", so named because, as the folk tale goes, David, the 3rd Bishop of Wales popped across the border for a few jars of...

05 Aug 2012

Why’s it called Otter Fest? well originally in the early days we had house party’s at – Otter Lodge and this is the logical next step, a party in the country  with lots and lots of people who won’t wreck my house and spill red wine on my sofa….

So, hopefully you’re starting to get the idea.

It relies on you inviting your friends too,  they’ll...


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