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24 Feb 2023

The year 2023 is expected to bring significant changes to the workforce, with new trends in employee benefits that can help attract, retain, and engage top talent. Today, employees are looking beyond salary and traditional benefits and are seeking additional benefits that can improve their overall well-being, such as mental health support, flexible work arrangements, and wellness programs. In...

03 Feb 2023

Build It International with support from Paramount CRT are hosting their third charity film night with a cycling theme.

Classic 1980's racing with a gripping human interest story against the back-drop of the cold war. Starring a little known Kevin Costner.

Shropshire ales and nibbles.  At the Hive Shrewsbury from 6.30 pm on Friday 24 February.

Click through for tickets @£...

02 Feb 2023

Renting out your property to students can be an excellent way to generate income. With students often moving to a new city for university, there is a high demand for rental properties and an opportunity to create a steady income. However, it is important to do your research before taking on student tenants, as there are some unique considerations to take into account. In this guide, we will...

12 Jan 2023

It is common sense that an investor needs to have a good grasp of different types of investments rather than going by gut feeling or someone else’s recommendations. You need to know how investments work and whether they match your investment goals. This holds true when investing in stocks as different types have different timelines for reaping the benefits.

What is right for one person...

03 Jan 2023

Cryptocurrencies make for a decentralized financial system that has become increasingly popular among investors, and generally among people interested in finances, individuals and businesses alike. As more and more people are beginning to use these digital currencies to their advantage, the demand for jobs inside the industry is increasing. If you’re thinking of starting your own career in...

22 Dec 2022

The holiday season is the time for a well-earned break. Yet business owners are often left feeling preoccupied worrying about their properties over the closed period. Will it be safe? Is it vulnerable to break-ins? These are valid concerns! Thieves are more active during downtime and they understand when properties will be left vacant. Consequently, the business premises become more vulnerable...

22 Dec 2022

What is Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl flooring is made from a synthetic substance called PVC, or polyvinyl chloride plastic. This PVC is then heated and pressed into layers that are stuck together to make tiles or planks. Each tile or plank then has an image pressed onto it that makes it look like wood, stone, or brick, or other materials.

Vinyl is more durable than...

14 Dec 2022

Every business needs to deal with intense competition. Even if you think that you’re offering one of a kind service or product, someone might eventually believe that they can do it better. Therefore, business owners need to stay on top of what’s happening in their industry and keep improving their company continuously. One of the things you can do is to help your employees become more...

13 Dec 2022

Whether you are considering accepting a settlement agreement from your employer, or you are deciding whether or not to resign, you have a number of options available to you.

Negotiating a better deal

Obtaining independent legal advice before negotiating a settlement agreement is a legal requirement. This will help you to maximize your chances of a successful outcome.


07 Dec 2022

The agri-food market is essential to the ongoing success of the rest of the corporate landscape and indeed, the rest of the world.

That’s because the global economic, social and political systems couldn’t sustain themselves without food products of some sort.

Every single person has to eat, so food will always be a key part of the international economy. As testimony to its...


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