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08 Sep 2017

A Midsummer’s Night Dream

Pantaloons Theatre Company

Walker Theatre

7/8/9*/September/2017 ( Incl. *Matinee 2.30)

Critically acclaimed, Ingenious and rollicking are just some of the superlatives used to describe the Pantaloons. But do they go far enough? This powerful Pocket Sized theatre packs a punch like no other.

If you can imagine the brief, take a...

24 Jun 2017

Rhythm Of The Dance

Theatre Severn

Saturday 24th June 2017


Since 1988 this show has toured the world. Initially set up as a three week gig, Rhythm of the Dance has become one of the top Irish Step Dancing shows that is constantly touring the Globe.

Full of traditional steps and modern theatrical techniques this show peeps into a secret world the world of...

History, Dynasties And All That Jazz
14 Jun 2017

Jazz Dance Company

Dynasties.  The Sands of Time

Theatre Severn,

Wednesday 14th June 2017


The definition of Jazz is a fluid and ever changing phenomenon. However to simply define it one could say it’s a variation on any given theme. Giving that as a rule of thumb, The Jazz Dance Company couldn’t have chosen a better name. Since Nineteen Ninety Four The...

11 Jun 2017

Theatre Severn


Seriously Dead, you’ll die laughing , read the flyer to this rather unlikely show starring Frazer Hines (Emmerdale.) and Chrissy Rock (Benidorm.) Brave claims indeed; however they turned out to be a little spurious and luckily as many audience members that arrived alive,  left quite well and clearly still kicking!

However “Seriously Dead,” is as...

30 May 2017

Million Dollar Quartet

Theatre Severn

30th May….. 3rd June 2017

 The legend reads, Million Dollar Quartet, the story of how four stars made Rock n Roll History. The narrative concerns a great coming together of four of the greatest Rock n Roll names ever to meet, the meeting is in Sam Phillip’s Sun Records in Memphis, Tennessee; the names are Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins,...

08 May 2017

Not Dead Enough

Theatre Severn

Monday 8th- Saturday 13th May 2017

It is probably fair to say with the National Front almost seizing power today in the French election, our political climate with Brexit and a General election, Corbyn and May slogging it out and everything else, there is nothing like a good murder to calm you down.

If you were a Charlie Stubbs fan,...

06 May 2017

Birmingham Royal Ballet

Theatre Severn

Saturday 6th May (Matinee)

One is always excited when faced with a prospect of a great show of originality, humour and a unique-ness that can only be achieved by a fantastic team, all pulling in the same direction. In shorter terms that criteria is always met during a  performance by, The Birmingham Royal  Ballet.


09 Apr 2017

The Amazing Bubbleman

The Walker Theatre

Sunday  9th April

When someone refers to themselves as amazing it is either in ironic context and they aren’t remotely amazing at anything,  or they literally are amazing. The latter refers to The Amazing Bubble man. There is no irony in this nomenclature he is amazing.

From out of Berkley, California the Amazing Bubble Man (...

07 Apr 2017

The Christians

Walker Theatre

Friday 7th April


There is always delight in watching a band that has been around since the mid-eighties, rocking as any band of today should. The Christian’s who were  back for their second time at Walker Theatre without doubt, proved they are one such band. From the average age of the audience one wouldn’t imagine there to be too...

23 Mar 2017

Forget Me Not

Rob Gee

Walker Theatre

23 March 2017

If it was Mr Gee’s aim to confuse us as much as his characters appeared to be in this one man show, he was highly successful. However one is certain that the confusion occurred more by accident than good management.

The show is billed as part social commentary, park black comedy and part Cluedo. Confused? You...


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