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27 Jun 2016

Rehearsal  For Murder

Theatre Severn

Monday 27th June-Saturday 2nd July


The Classic Thriller Theatre Company’s, “Rehearsal for Murder,” opened to a full house tonight in Theatre Severn. Here for the week it is highly likely that this show will bring in the big audiences as have other Bill Kenwright Productions throughout this theatrical year.

With a star...

26 Jun 2016

Birmingham Philharmonic Orchestra

Theatre Severn

Sunday 26th June 2016

It is always an enlightening experience when one is introduced to local talent, groups or artists. So it was in Theatre Severn this afternoon , as Shrewsbury residents were introduced to their local Philharmonic. Might be stretching a point claiming them as our own but Birmingham is our local city....

15 Jun 2016

I, Elizabeth

Walker Theatre

Wednesday 15th June.

There are so many times one sees the Royals going about their royal business, a wave, a smile and a handshake and it is difficult if not impossible, to really see what they are thinking or worrying about behind closed doors.

Tonight theatre goers were treated to a fascinating look inside the rather tortured mind of...

31 May 2016

The Sound Of Music

Theatre Severn

31st May- June 11th2016

The laws of objectivity must apply here otherwise it would just be easy for one to use every superlative in the thesaurus and quite simply leave it at that.

That said initially attention should be upon Theatre Severn , just for a second, whilst praise is lavished upon them for securing this absolutely,...

24 May 2016

Nelson,The Sailors’ Story

Walker Theatre



If you have ever wondered what makes a good one man show one suggests you should head off to catch Nicholas Collett’s exemplary lesson in delivering one.

Nelson, The Sailors’ Story is a witty, observational, accurate and compelling tale of how England found its way into the forefront of French hating and...

21 May 2016

The Naked Truth

Theatre Severn

Thursday 19th-Saturday 21st May


As a member of the gender that is challenged to attend this show if they dare. I as a male, felt suitably dared. Do I wish I hadn’t been?.............Read on.

The Naked Truth is a robust and hard hitting play that takes on issues considered to be of a female only interest.  Whether these are...

17 May 2016

Birmingham Royal Ballet

Theatre Severn

17th -18th May

(With Class on stage Wednesday 18thMay 11.45)

The auditorium filled up quickly tonight as Ballet fans and aficionados rushed for their seats to catch the welcome return of Birmingham Royal Ballet.

Taking inspiration from the works of Shakespeare the show delivered step after intricate and beautifully...

09 May 2016

The Mousetrap

Theatre Severn

Monday 9 May-Saturday 14 May


If you think that by reading this article you may learn the solution of the sixty year old mystery of exactly who is the Mousetrap killer? Not a bit of it. It is a theatrical secret that, rather like whistling in the dressing room or saying Macbeth in a theatre, it just isn’t done! The only way you will...

04 May 2016

La Boheme

Theatre Severn

4th May 2016

Opera fans and first timers piled into Theatre Severn tonight to share in the welcome return of The Swansea City Opera and their adaptation of Puccini’s La Boheme.

Originally  the Opera was set in early nineteenth century Paris.  Artistic Director, Brendan Wheatley brought it a little nearer in time and set it in nineteen forty-...

28 Apr 2016

Mad Cow Productions

Monty Python’s  Spamalot

Theatre Severn

28th-30th April (Saturday Matinee 14.30)


It would be unbelievable to imagine that there is anyone within the Northern Hemisphere who hasn’t heard of Monty Python’s Flying Circus. It would be equally surprising if one found a soul who claimed never to have laughed at their quintessentially British...


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