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09 Nov 2016

All My Sons

Shropshire Drama Company

Walker Theatre

Wednesday 9th November-Saturday 12th November


If you have seen Shropshire Drama Company before then it is likely you will have seen a top level show with the best actors in the county. You may have used words like slick, polished and very professional and you will have been right. Well it is possible after...

29 Oct 2016


Jasmin Vardimon

Theatre Severn

Saturday 29th October 2016


Jasmin Vardimon , already known for her ground-breaking styles in dance  and theatricality, has given a very special touch to this very old Italian cautionary tale,  Pinocchio.

Where ballet meets physicality, where dance entwines with narrative and where everything behind the...

22 Oct 2016

Jimmy Osmond

The Moon River And Me Tour

Theatre Severn



If you are of that golden age that so many have found ourselves at, then it is likely that you will remember the harrowing scenes that haunted our television sets, so many years ago. That of Osmond-mania. You will recall the tearful, nay hysterical school girls crying and rhythmically...

12 Oct 2016

Gangsta Granny

Theatre Severn

Wednesday 12th-  Sunday 16th October

(Earlier Shows available each day)


It would be difficult to say, if you lived in the noughties that you never saw, “Little Britain.” It was omnipotent during those years and the faces of Matt Lucas and David Walliams shone from billboards, magazines and papers.

During that time...

08 Oct 2016

Dane Baptiste

Walker Theatre

Saturday 8th October 2016


Pre-cursed by Eshaan Ackbar the evening of comedy got off to a polite start. Eshaan delivered a twenty minute support set and it seems, took the audience a little by surprise. Fair to say this surprise worked against him as the audience were still wondering where he fitted into all things.

His act...

04 Oct 2016

Dead Sheep

Theatre Severn

Monday3rd -Saturday 9th  October2016


"Being attacked by Geoffrey Howe is like being savaged  by a dead sheep," claimed Dennis Healey. Like it or not the Thatcher years are now remarkable enough to have made it into the big book of British history. It really happened. But there is no better way to remember that than with a laugh and a...

29 Sep 2016

The Collector

Walker Theatre

29th September-1st October 2016


When one talks of history one often hears the adage that history is always written by the winners; Well maybe that’s so but it doesn’t mean to say that every account is necessarily  untrue.  “The Collector,” is the piece that one could hold up to the world and say this an honest account of The West’s...

25 Sep 2016

Jeremy Hardy

Theatre Severn

Ssaturday 24th September 2016

Of all the performing arts, possibly with the exception of juggling knives whilst dangling upside down from a tightrope, it is fair to say that the lot of a stand-up comedian must rate highly on an entertainer’s fear factor scale. After all so much could go wrong. Probably skydiving without a parachute might be akin...

19 Sep 2016

All Or Nothing

The Mod Musical.

Theatre Severn

19th-21st September 2016

As the audience gathered it was apparent that no one really knew how this show might pan out. Would it have a follow-able storyline or would it be just a tribute concert? It became clear very quickly that this is indeed a show with a narrative; and what a story it was.

Quite apart from...

18 Jul 2016

Sasha Regan’s All Male

H.M.S. Pinafore

Theatre Severn

Monday 18th – Wednesday 20th July (Wednesday Matinee 14.10)


There are allegedly only three jokes ever written in the world and every other joke is a derivative thereof, well that might or might not be true but as this performance proves the best comedy is timeless. Offering up classic Victorian humour...


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