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04 Jun 2018

Ballet Central

Theatre Severn

4th June 2018

It is a mixed bag of styles, moves and music that define this show as being something quite special. Marked out by costume, choreography and spectacle, Ballet Central has a show on their hands that does more than just entertain.

Comprising five pieces and choreographed by some of the most famous names in modern Ballet....

30 May 2018

Get Your Wigle On Present


Theatre Severn30th May-2nd June

(Matinee 2.30pm 31st May & 2nd June)

A packed theatre waited to see if the extremely talented and much in demand Get You Wigle On Theatre Company, were as good with Grease as they have been with other classics in the past. The news was good they were not waiting in vain. This is a brilliantly...

18 May 2018

Raymond Froggatt

Walker Theatre

Friday 18th May 2018

An evening in the company of the mercurial mind of Raymond Froggatt is an evening to be remembered. To spend time in the company of this doyen of pop music is both a privilege and a joy.

Pop sensation Raymond Froggatt came onto the stage to start the show and he appeared a little breathless. Had he run from the...

01 May 2018


Theatre Severn

1 May-5 May (Matinee 2.30 on 5th)

Gallowglass is a mixed bag. Great expense, great cast, great authoress, and a lavish set: So why were people coming out of the theatre at the end looking bemused? There is something not quite right about this show, it doesn’t sit well amongst other great crime dramas.

Written by Barbara Vine who is in fact...

29 Apr 2018

Gilbert O’Sullivan

Theatre Severn

29 April 2018

The one important factor that one picks up from watching a Gilbert O’Sullivan Show is how quickly you notice the relevance of the performance and how much it deserves to be sitting where it is, and that equates to the fifty years Gilbert has been writing, singing and recording  his songs to an ever so grateful public.


25 Apr 2018

Vamos Theatre

A Brave Face

Walker Theatre

25th April 2018

Vamos Theatre Company is a mask company completely at the pinnacle of their game. A few years ago they delighted Shrewsbury audience with their show “Finding Joy,” it was a show about dementia. Still unafraid of dealing with gritty human issues “A Brave Face,” is a show addressing PTSD and they have a show...

12 Apr 2018

A 60’s Night Out

Theatre Severn

Thursday 12th April


It was an utterly packed house including be-chained dignitaries, that were waiting with deep anticipation for this charity concert to begin, the charity was, Crane Quality Councelling, and the bands on the footplate of the nostalgia train were The Swingin Blue Jeans (Hippy Hippy Shake, Good Golly Miss Molly) and...

04 Apr 2018


Theatre Severn

3rd-7th April (Incl. Matinees)

Throughout common parlance we like to use well known couplings to make our point for example, one could cite Fish and Chips or Laurel and Hardy etc. When it comes to musical theatre after Gilbert and Sullivan we British were struggling for a couple to believe in, until in the 1970’s it happened; the coupling of Tim Rice...

31 Mar 2018


Theatre Severn

31st March 2018

There was an excited air of anticipation as the full house of old T.rex-onians waited patiently for the curtain to rise and for them all to relive a little bit of their youth. Were they to be disappointed?

The curtain rose and… is that a ghost we see before us? Has the real Marc Bolan and his band T.Rex turned up to whisk us...

22 Mar 2018

Shrewsbury Amateur Operatic Society


Theatre Severn 21st -24th March 2018

Lionel Bart’s Oliver is without doubt one of the most popular (large cast) bits of Musical Theatre available to societies; and what a gift. In the right hands this show is a great fun singalong show that is so well known it is in all our psyches. Dickens draws his characters so beautifully and...


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