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24 Oct 2018

Get Your Wigle On

Peter Pan

Wednesday 24th-Saturday 27th October

(Matinee Friday & Saturday 2.30 pm)


Billed as a musical adventure the Wigles tucked into this feast with their usual gusto.  Bringing the Michael Jacksonesque lad who won’t grow up, to the stage. A traditional narrative, sticking closely to J.M.Barrie’s original story the show has become...

16 Oct 2018

Beyond the Barricade

Theatre Severn

16th October 2018

Sorry Spandau Ballet fans, there was not a single note of that beautiful song, instead there was a mixed bag of songs from the shows, leading to their big finale piece taken of course from, Les Miserables.

So who is, Beyond the Barricade? They are all former performers from the West End run of Les Miserables...

12 Oct 2018

The Robin Nolan Trio

Walker Theatre

Friday October 12th

Living proof that you can improve on perfection; After a perfect start this Gypsy Jazz trio just got better and better.

Initially here’s a quick glance of the genre. Gypsy Jazz is a unique sound fusing Jazz Music with Blues with folk with pop. Played on guitars and maybe violin and trumpet, it is a fast, pacey...

25 Sep 2018

The Simon and Garfunkel Story

Theatre Severn

25th September 2018


The most significant aspect of the peace loving Sixties was the fact that before and since the changes between the decades had been incremental at best but in truth barely noticeable. From the un-expectant wings on the stage of humanity the Sixties exploded like a rampant troubadour with its poetry,...

07 Sep 2018


Theatre Severn

7 September 2018

It was so long ago 2004 in fact when G4 burst onto our screens coming second on series two of X-Factor. In that time G4 have been busy splitting, reforming and sorting out new personnel. However having done that they brought us a new genre, that of Cross-over, offering up classic pop songs as classical music and classical music was given...

04 Sep 2018

Owen Lewis Productions Present

Lady Smock

September 2018


As a playwright I have always worked alone and I have never collaborated. I have obviously worked with others in the county but not in the writing. That has always for me been a solitary occupation.  At University one is expected to collaborate all the time and the support that one receives in those settings...

22 Jul 2018

Shrewsbury Comedy Festival

Gala Show

Theatre Severn

Sunday 22nd July2018

For a good few years now Shrewsbury has been running a comedy festival. A wonderful idea that  has delighted pub goers all over town. So many different venues have opened the doors to mirth and merriment and it is something that is most definitely welcomed. Hey no wonder right? As the world...

19 Jul 2018

Sasha Regan’s All Male


Theatre Severn

19th July -21 July (Saturday Matinee 2.30pm)

Well it would appear that Sasha Regan’s all male cast have done it again. After delighting Shrewsbury audiences a couple of years ago with HMS Pinnafore they have returned with Iolanthe. It is a theatrical delight.

If you can imagine Iolanthe being predominately a love...

15 Jul 2018

The National Dance Company of Ireland

Rhythm Of The Dance

Theatre Severn

15 July 2018


Straight from the off you know you are going to witness something rather special. One is not mistaken. This is a great, captivating, sometimes breath taking show; it brings the feel and the spirit of a mystical land far across the water. The land of Celts, of magic,...

13 Jul 2018

Get Your Wigle On

Whistle Down The Wind

Theatre Severn

Thurs 12th July to Saturday 14th (Saturday Matinee 2.30)

It takes a very brave company and a confident cast to take on what is probably one of the lesser known musicals from the pen of Andrew Lloyd Webber, Whistle Down the Wind.

Get your Wigle on again fulfilled their objectives and left a fair sized...


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