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11 Apr 2019

Horrible Histories

Awful Egyptians

Theatre Severn

Wednesday 10th April-Sunday 14th April

Awful Egyptians

This is a two halved review . Today I will talk about Awful Egyptians and tomorrow I will review the Terrible Tudors. Both playing at Theatre Severn twice a day until Sunday.

If you are over twenty but under thirty one imagines that you were amused...

08 Apr 2019

Steeleye Span

Theatre Severn

Monday 8th April 2019

 It is inconceivable but nevertheless true that Steeleye Span are this year, celebrating fifty years in the music industry. Yes that’s fifty years. Admittedly the line up has changed many times over those five decades but throughout it all steadfastly leading from the front is the inimitable Maddy Prior.

Over the...

31 Mar 2019

Townsend Theatre Prodctions Present,

Rouse Ye Women

Walker Theatre



One is always pleased to be able to welcome a theatre company to The Walker Theatre that has triumphed there previously. Townsend Theatre Productions have not only triumphed once but twice already with “The Ragged Trousered Philanthropist” and “We are Lions Mr. Mananger," both...

18 Mar 2019


Theatre Severn

Monday the 18th –Saturday 23rd March


It has been a while coming to Shrewsbury has this quirky little three hander. Written , originally in French by Yasmina Reza it has been making English people laugh for almost two decades. So obviously there was an excitement in the packed house as the lights went down and the silence descended in...

12 Mar 2019

Pipeline Theatre Presents

Drip, Drip, Drip,

Tuesday 12/March/2019

Walker Theatre


With not a cream tea in sight Pipeline Theatre, a Cornish Theatre company, work their way through an explosive storyline to pay homage to the NHS and the heroes who work within it.

The piece was written following a week’s workshop and fact finding mission amongstthe...

07 Mar 2019

Box of Tricks Presents

Spark Plug

Walker Theatre

Thursday 7th -Friday 8th March  2019

There’s an intimacy about the space in the Walker Theatre, Actor’s are very close to their audience and a personal connection is made. In a space like Walker audience members feel they are personally being addressed. Terrifying for the actor but wholly rewarding for the audience....

19 Feb 2019

The Classic Rock Show

Theatre Severn


The Rock fan’s ultimate juke box this show is billed as. One might disagree because in a juke box one knows who the artist is..no such luck here.

It is uncharacteristic to start with a moan however one is flummoxed as to why shows like this never carry programmes. I have just seen some of the best rock...

15 Feb 2019

Get Your Wigle On

The Adams Family

Theatre Severn

Wednesday 13th-Saturday 16th  (Matinee on Saturday)

When there is evidence of a company working hard and happily together one is very quickly aware there has been a lot of work done. The pay offs are immense and the audience get a sense that it is easy when of course, it’s far from that. For the cast to reach that...

04 Feb 2019

Peter James’

The House On Cold Hill

Theatre Severn

Monday4th…Saturday9th February 2019


Everyone loves a good ghost story especially when Winter stretches ahead like an interminable dark sentence, we love to illuminate the darkness with scary and blood curdling tales. We have done since the days we sat round the camp fire in furs and for sure we will go on...

28 Jan 2019

Selladoor Productions Present


Theatre Severn

Monday 28th January-Saturday 2nd February

There was a whole host of intrigue into the operations of the American Fame Academies. Imagine 1978, Irene Cara was whizzing up the charts with Fame (the Song) and on a Thursday if the video jukebox and the Lycra in the pub didn’t tempt you then you may have been sat at home...


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