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04 Sep 2012

Joseph And The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat,.

Theatre Severn, 4th-8th September

The awesome beauty of a theatre when it is used properly occurs in its ability to whisk you away to anywhere it wants to, leaving you little choice but to go along with the journey to see what might happen.

That is the feeling you will...

02 Sep 2012

I thought it might be remiss of me if I didn’t say a little about Max Bygraves as I heard his death announced on television earlier last night. At eighty nine Max has finally taken himself, his pink and blue toothbrush and his hands, out from the limelight and consequently closed another little link we had with the past. He will be sorely missed.

It got me to thinking all about the...

30 Aug 2012

After spending a crazy weekend at Shrewsbury folk festival I have brought some jewels with me that I hope over the next few articles to share with you.

Firstly, local singer/songwriter Jonathan Day, later this Autumn will be taking his Between the Worlds, tour to China and Thailand. He has several gigs in Hong Kong and then he will move to Bangkok. Although the tour began in July at...

23 Aug 2012

The Marches Art Group
Can there be anything more subjective than art? Art is designed to be seen, to speak to us and give us messages.  Sometimes some can read the messages and some can’t; sometimes we all can and sometimes no one can. But the artists will forever continue communicating.

Art has played a massive part in all our lives, whether we are talking about installations...

15 Aug 2012


As part of the ongoing Shrewsbury summer season, tonight at the Shrewsbury High School we were treated to Heartbreak Productions incisive interpretation of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing.

Although billed as an outdoor production, due to the rain, the whole venue had thankfully moved into the school hall. This did have an effect on the dynamics of the event, as people were...

13 Aug 2012

 The Carnival Is Over

There we go that was it and as I predicted, I became Le Sportiff, the worst sports fan ever. I became both a critique and perfectionist not forgetting a self styled expert on a plethora of sports and all from the comfort of my armchair.

What an amazing two weeks it has been. Britain, this tiny almost insignificant dot on the atlas of the world; came third....

11 Aug 2012


Shrewsbury Flower Show Day Two


In my first report from the show I spoke of the arena events mostly and didn’t say too much about the rest of the show. Now to address that imbalance and take you to the other side of the Quarry Park where a whole host of interesting things were occurring.

Before that however, one feels obliged to thank...

11 Aug 2012

The Flower Show day one.

Who would have believed that 125 years ago Shrewsbury Flower Show would still be packing the people in? Heaven knows what someone from 1887 might have thought had they been there amongst the high tech arena displays or the plethora of bands and attractions, not forgetting the most beautifully cultivated blooms,...

04 Aug 2012

Charles Darwin


You must have lived a very sheltered existence if you are unaware of the true origin of the Darwin species.  We all know, I would imagine, that Charles Darwin came from Shrewsbury. Admittedly he didn’t end his days in our county, but his birthplace stands proudly at the foot of The Mount, in Shrewsbury,...

28 Jul 2012

Fat Lady Replaced By Old Man

Firstly as an Englishman and a Proud Salopian I have to say how much I resented hearing every announcement made in the Olympic opening ceremony firstly in French and then as an afterthought,  in English. May I proffer that as we have just emptied our coffers to pay for this thing and...


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