owen lewis

11 Aug 2012

The Flower Show day one.

Who would have believed that 125 years ago Shrewsbury Flower Show would still be packing the people in? Heaven knows what someone from 1887 might have thought had they been there amongst the high tech arena displays or the plethora of bands and attractions, not forgetting the most beautifully cultivated blooms,...

04 Aug 2012

Charles Darwin


You must have lived a very sheltered existence if you are unaware of the true origin of the Darwin species.  We all know, I would imagine, that Charles Darwin came from Shrewsbury. Admittedly he didn’t end his days in our county, but his birthplace stands proudly at the foot of The Mount, in Shrewsbury,...

28 Jul 2012

Fat Lady Replaced By Old Man

Firstly as an Englishman and a Proud Salopian I have to say how much I resented hearing every announcement made in the Olympic opening ceremony firstly in French and then as an afterthought,  in English. May I proffer that as we have just emptied our coffers to pay for this thing and...

 Helen Romberg
27 Jul 2012

The Ignored Resource

Readers of my work may well be aware that recently my health hasn’t been brilliant and I am recovering from a series of strokes along with having to deal with being Coeliac, living a gluten free existence. That, whilst hard to say, is still easier to say than to do. Daily, myself and one in a thousand other people can...

24 Jul 2012

A Teeny Glimpse of Goodness

So, my fellow Salopians, what on Earth is the orange hot thing we have been looking at in the sky of late? I don't know what it was but I know this cannot be summer because people aren't wearing thick jumpers and waterproof trousers. Long may it last I say, on behalf of myself and other...

16 Jul 2012

Salesman By Day
Owen Lewis Portable Theatre Company
The Walker Theatre
Wednesday18th July

Fran and David's photo is courtesy of the Shropshire Star

I guess the question is, when you put yourself under immense pressure to bring a piece of work you have created to the public domain, why? It’s a fair question and one that I will attempt to answer - after all I...

14 Jul 2012

80’s Mania Show
Theatre Severn
Saturday July 14th

There was an incredible buzz of excitement as the crowd of 30/40 and 50-somethings gathered at Theatre Severn for a trip backwards into the 1980s courtesy of The Reunion Group. What a splendid occasion it was for all as the live band pumped out hits by; Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Wham, Toni Basil, Boy...

06 Jul 2012

Salopian Open Mic
Smithfield Road
July 5th

Having been raised in Church Stretton and going to school in Shrewsbury and loving this county as I do, one may suggest I may be a little partisan when it comes to reviewing Shropshire events. Not a bit of it. I will seek out the good and the bad and inform you of both in...

05 Jul 2012

Volcano…Noel Coward
Theatre Severn
Monday 2nd July to Saturday 7th July 2012

It was a star filled performance of Noel Coward’s “Volcano” that grandly filled the stage at Theatre Severn on Monday night. Headed by Jenny Seagrove, whom we know from such work as television’s, Lewis, Peak Practice and Casualty. This little known Coward piece was a dark, reflective, moody and an...


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