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05 Nov 2012

Bonfire and Fireworks
West Mid Showground

It was a chilly but thankfully dry Sunday afternoon as families huddled into the West Mid Show ground for an afternoon and evening of enjoyment. Brought to us by the West Mid Showground Organisers. Firstly, as the people poured in rather like Scott of the Antarctic they were oblivious to the cold. Luckily it didn’t rain but...

03 Nov 2012

War Horse
The Concert
Theatre Severn

The audience at Theatre Severn waited silently. Maybe the occasional rustle of a sweet bag could be heard or the coughs of a crowd who were waiting for something so incredibly special, that as a member of that expectant full auditorium, one couldn’t help but feel a sense of privilege for being...

31 Oct 2012

Mid Wales Opera
Don Giovanni
Theatre Severn

It’s a certainty that the man watching the pennies at Theatre Severn will be delighted with the heaving auditorium for tonight’s performance of Don Giovanni. Our own local major Opera company, The Mid Wales Opera were in town.

Blowing the dust of...

30 Oct 2012

Modernity And It’s Legacies

When I was in Shrewsbury’s twin town, Zutphen with the former Mayor of Shrewsbury, Tony Durnell, earlier this month, I was taken on a guided tour around their wonderful town hall. The architect had the problem of building a town hall good enough for such a historic and beautiful town and in it he had to incorporate the old town...

26 Oct 2012

Keneish Dance
Walker Theatre
Friday 25/10/12

Why is it that anything in the Arts world that starts with the word modern makes you want to not bother? Sometimes the work you put in outweighs the pleasure you get out. I cite Modern Art and Modern Jazz as two forms that brilliantly keep their message as covert as possible. Maybe some...

24 Oct 2012

Nunkie Theatre Company
The Ash Tree
Ghost stories by M.R. James
Walker Theatre 24/10/12

It was an inquisitive audience that poured into the Walker Theatre tonight to watch the Nunkie Theatre Company’s presentation of two of the M.R. James Trilogy of Ghost Tales. Inquisative because if they were going on what the press releases had given away they would have had no...

18 Oct 2012

Tim Key
Walker Theatre

Take an average thirty six year old guy, add a bath tub, full of course, add a punnet of strawberries, some smutty playing cards, some abstract music provided from the back of the theatre by the mysterious Dougie and you will have the ingredients of a Tim Key show.

Tim Key is ostensibly a poet but delivers the lines of his shorter than haiku verses,...

18 Oct 2012

The Strength Of The Swell
Kimber’s Men

You may recall at the start of September I promised you a couple of gems or so from the Shrewsbury Folk Festival. Many of you may know I am a main stage compere there so get to meet the performers and chill out with them in the Green Room. Hark at me!

One of the great singing groups that fill The Bird In Hand on Coton Hill, and the...

17 Oct 2012

Circus Vegas
The Quarry Park
17th -21st October

I love nothing more than losing myself in an exciting circus. I know the risks they take are calculated but when the risks are so blatantly obvious it is quite a thrill to get sucked into the action. That is what Circus Vegas did for me tonight.

Maybe one could argue that circus had its peak back in the days of Billy...

14 Oct 2012

The Christians 
Walker Theatre

Ha that got your attention. No this isn’t going to be an ecumenical polemic, it’s actually a review of one of the best shows I have seen this year. It was a privilege to be in the audience as we lapped up the golden tones of Garry Christian and the new line up of the busy touring band, The Christians.

The Christians first came to our...


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