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31 Dec 2012

So with Christmas almost a week behind us and the year's review written, all that is left to do before we can declare a state of normality, is to see in the New Year and wish the old one and all it has achieved a farewell, fond or otherwise it's going and that's good.

For me the old year was a good one with improvements in areas of...

27 Dec 2012

2012 A year for Great Theatre.
Theatre Severn.
July 2012…….December 2012


Well as promised from Amsterdam, here am I back and ready to review the fun I have been having bringing my news and observations to you.

I joined LoveShrewsbury.com in the summer and my first review was...

22 Dec 2012

Well my friends and readers, here I am writing this Christmas message in Amsterdam and looking forward to being back in Shrewsbury before Santa knows I have gone. However, I was thinking of you and wanted to send you a very merry Christmastime wish and I wanted to thank you personally.

For me, this last tenth months or so have been a joy. I feel like one of the luckiest men in the world...

14 Dec 2012

Jack and the Beanstalk
Theatre Severn

The auditorium literally bristled with hyper excited children finding everything just so very thrilling. It’s a great time at school, it’s the end of the term and they know Santa is doing his final checks so naturally with an air of explosive anticipation the curtain rose to take us all on a mystical adventure with...

23 Nov 2012

Mother Courage and Her Children
Walker Theatre

A packed auditorium of mostly students gathered at The Walker Theatre for a master class in Contemporary and Brechtian theatre. They had come to see Blackeyed Theatre in conjunction with South Hill Park in Lee Hall’s translation of the classic Brechtian theatre piece, Mother Courage and Her Children.


22 Nov 2012

Show Of Hands
Theatre Severn

Around about eighteen months or so ago Shrewsbury Folk Festival Chairman Alan Surtees initiated what was to be one of the most resonating Folk Musical Arts projects of the decade. The project was namely The Cecil Sharpe Project. This project went on to great things and was toured all over England and America filmed and recorded...

13 Nov 2012

The Lock In
The Demon Barbers
Walker Theatre

There is quite a debate to be had about fusion yet before its allowed to stampede its way through everything once held sacred. Currently we see fusion in food, in fashion, in art and now in The Demon Barbers theatre show The Lock In.

The debate might go something like; “can fusion dilute or strengthen each...

09 Nov 2012

Walker Theatre
Theatre Severn

As a reviewer one gets to see a lot of shows; it goes with the territory. In that widely contrasting backdrop one is exposed to a lot of the comedy that appears to be making it as the current top of the pops and, well, quite frankly, this poor reviewer’s heart sinks as these slick, let's be matey, guys, all race...

07 Nov 2012

The Haunting
Theatre Severn
Monday 5th…Saturday 10th November

A ghostly pallor hangs over the auditorium of Theatre Severn this week as the spectres and ghosts that filled Charles Dickens’ Mind have moved en masse into the Shrewsbury theatre. Well that isn’t exactly true but certainly there are a fair percentage of them. All of them waiting...

05 Nov 2012

Forever In  Blue Jeans

Theatre Severn


A full auditorium waited patiently as the closed curtains at Theatre Severn simply shone the legend, “Forever in Blue Jeans.” Average age was around about fifty-something. This was a nostalgia audience waiting for a nostalgia show.

And it started. With a back line of Keys, Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar and Drums and a front...


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