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27 Feb 2020

Vamos Theatre

Dead Good

Walker Theatre

27th-28th February 2020

There’s a well known theatrical expression called Triple Threat. It loosely translates to somebody who can dance sing and act. However I in a totally subjective way, will attach the non de plume to Vamos Theatre, not just because they can probably do all of those things in abundance: No I have seen three...

05 Feb 2020

Get Your Wigle On

Shrek The Musical

Theatre Severn

5th February- 9th February

(Matinee Saturday 2 p.m. & Sunday 1 p.m.)

The year was 2001 and we were all in a brand new century expecting brand new things. In cinema we got Shrek. A sweeping success, it gave just the right amount of irreverent humour to win its way into the very psyche of the British...

25 Jan 2020

Exciting Science

Theatre Severn

25th January 2020

Well here we are into a new year and this is my first foray back after a long and lazy seasonal period, and what a show to come back to.

Thrilling, High Octane and Exciting are some of the superlatives one can attach with a great profligacy to this brilliant new and exciting science show. Geared for the younger...

06 Dec 2019


Theatre Severn

4th December 2019-12th January 2020

For Matinees see Theatre Severn Guide

Well it is that time of year again. It cannot be believed that a full twelve months whizzed by since I was writing last year’s Panto review. However a year has passed, I need to get over it and move on to this year’s wonderful panto…Aladdin. I have said many times that...

18 Nov 2019

The Entertainer

Theatre Severn

18th November-23rd November

(Matinees 14.30 Wednesday and Saturday)

The year is 1956, the playwright John Osborne, the play is The Entertainer. Written with an aim to break the Angry Young Man image of his earlier “Look Back in Anger,” he still promotes the Fourth Wall, Kitchen Sink Drama genre, The Entertainer is a strange play and...

30 Oct 2019

The Pitmen Poets,

Walker Theatre,

Wednesday 30th November 2019

If you were around pre-Nineteen Eighty Four you will be very much aware of how mining and mining communities were the very backbone to our existence. They kept us warm and illuminated. You might also be aware that that date is one of the most crucial dates in our industrial heritage. It was the year that the...

22 Oct 2019


Theatre Severn

22nd-26th Ooctober 2019

(2.30 Matinee Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday)

Regular theatre goers will recognise the name Of Bill Kenwright Productions and will know that has always been a hallmark of a good show. One always gets a feeling of watching top West End stuff, thanks to the enterprising production company. This time they have gone one...

02 Oct 2019

An Inspector Calls

Theatre Severn

02nd  October-5th October 2019

Matinee 02nd  and 05th   at 14.30

Sometimes to watch a theatre doing exactly what it can is like watching a top athlete work, every sinew every muscle in synchronicity so too is theatre. Every light cue, every sound cue, Theatre Technology , Actors, Directors to Producers and Designers,  all working...

27 Sep 2019

Nett UK Presents

Motown. How sweet it is.

Theatre Severn

27th September 2019

Many good things came out of Nineteen Fifty Nine. A good year for Theatre Reviewers I have heard. However the salient point being that it is the year that Berry Gordy created the Motown label. In doing he gave songs and Artistes who will stay indelibly locked into our minds for ever more....

17 Sep 2019

Respect…The Aretha Franklin Songbook

Theatre Severn

Tuesday 17th September 2019

This is a real pot-pouri of a show, a huge mixture with some bits of it smelling sweeter than others. So The Aretha Franklin Songbook now contains classics such as Hey Jude and Bridge Over Troubled Water? If they are in there I wonder if Ms. Franklin knows, because it was a huge surprise for...


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