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10 Sep 2013

It seems like literally three minutes since I was predicting whether we were due a hot 1976 summer or not. At the speed of light here we are on the other side of it all. Autumn is not only nibbling at the skirts of summer, it has already arrived and is busily painting the leaves the hue that inimitably announces its presence.

So I have been...

29 Jun 2013

So here we go again. I think I welcomed summer in last year and what good did it do us? So this time learning from the last, I shall just nod my head reverentially towards the rising currant bun and then not mention it again. Hopefully that should please it and it may be impelled to stick around long enough for us to have a summer worth remembering...

16 Jun 2013

Jackson Live
Theatre Severn
15th June 2013

Objectively I want to say that if one had to endure a tribute band and you are a Michael Jackson fan I would advise you to think about going to see Sweeney Entertainment’s Michael Jackson Tribute Band.

Note for note and beat for beat the...

25 May 2013

Shropshire County Show
West Midland Showground
25 May 2013

Foot sore, hot and exhausted I make my way home from this year’s agricultural extravaganza with a contented smile and here I am now flopped in front of my PC to tell you all about the day.

Uncharacteristically for Britain the...

23 May 2013

Shropshire County Show
County Showground
Berwick Road.
May 25th 


The Shropshire County Show replaced the West Midland Show after a difficult period both for the show and for the showground. It is Shrewsbury stoicism we have to thank for getting things going again. What an...

19 May 2013

Finding Joy
Walker Theatre

The prospect of watching a play focussing on the desperate debilitating condition that is Alzheimer’s disease doesn’t sound like a recipe for a usual Saturday night. However in Vamos Theatre Company’s, Finding Joy, the illness is not only dealt with frankly and humanely, but...

07 May 2013

Shaolin Warriors
Theatre Severn

Well it may have been hot outside last night but it got pretty hot in Theatre Severn too as the Chinese Shaolin Monks showed off their Kung Fu skills and their amazing manual dexterity. With their flicks, Kicks, drops and hops, the traditionally attired monks took the audience on a journey from boyhood to manhood as a Shaolin...

03 May 2013

Dr. Frankenstein’s Travelling Freak Show
The Walker Theatre
2 May 2013

In a full on, high energy, Artaudian, Brechtian piece of theatre; Tin Shed Theatre Company re-told the classical tale of Shelley’s Frankenstein.

“What do you see when you stare into the eyes of a monster?” the narrative asks, and goes on to answer the question in a surreal, mystical and often...

27 Apr 2013

Peter Firman
The Walker Theatre

I think the first thing one should clear up is the question, why didn’t Firman  just do twenty five minutes longer of his magic and not bother us  with his self-deprecating, unfunny comedian?  Firman did three spectacular slight of hand tricks and introduced to us a comedian who operating under a misnomer,...

19 Apr 2013

The Magic Of Motown
Theatre Severn

From the smoking, poverty stricken, racially tense Detroit of the 1950’s and 1960’s Tamla Motown was born. From the pen of Holland Dozier Holland, came the hits that live on in the psyche of the entire Western World.

Suddenly Black music exploded onto the world stage and the message came through clearly. This is black...


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