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28 Feb 2015

Women on Top

Theatre  On The Steps


28/2 /15


It isn’t a lot that gets Loveshrewsbury.com to leave its home. But every now and again if there is something worth seeing it does no harm. Gill Jordan’s one woman show, “Women on Top.” proved to be one such show.

Gill shot to fame in the West midlands when she introduced her character, house...

24 Feb 2015

Vamos Theatre

Nursing Lives

24/25 February 2015

It was a packed Walker Theatre that eagerly awaited the return of Vamos Theatre. After conquering Shrewsbury with their masked performance, “ Finding Joy,” it was really no surprise to see so many people had decided that a night in front of the TV lost out completely to the return of this much loved company.

It is a...

22 Feb 2015

Magical Mozart by Candle light

Theatre Severn


I have to tell you whilst waiting in my seat for the show to begin, I heard the funniest thing. As I watched and counted heads, the stalls filled up with anticipatory theatre-goers. “You just breathed on my arm,” I heard a disgruntled woman declare to who I imagined was her husband. ” I didn’t look but I...

19 Feb 2015

Theatre Severn

Songbird..The music of Eva Cassidy.

19 February 2015

More than twenty years ago I was sat on my patio playing music, singing songs and drinking beer with my friend Dan Cassidy.  He said to me he had a cassette he wanted me to hear. We put it on and when I was lost and deeply transfixed to the haunting sound of this wonderful music I was hearing , he turned...

11 Feb 2015

Moscow State Circus

Park Gorkogo

Theatre Severn

It is a brave artist who will walk onto the stage to appear under such an auspicious title as the Moscow State Circus. You have to be the best in the world to continue such a holy name in the map of circus performance.

So that said I can promise a reasonably mixed review with some highlights and one or two lowlights...

04 Feb 2015

Theatre Severn

4th / 7th February (Saturday Matinee.)

Jeeves and Wooster

Perfect Nonsense

If you only see one show this year allow me to strongly recommend you consider Theatre Severn’s offering this week of P.G. Woodhouse’s, Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect Nonsense.

Starring Robert Webb (Peep Show,)  Christopher Ryan (The Young Ones) and Jason Thorpe (Doctors...

30 Jan 2015

The Tommy Cooper Show The Walker Theatre Friday 30 & 31 January (Saturday Matinee) As a theatre goer one learns early that if a show has been a success on the Edinburgh Fringe, the chances are it is likely to be something a little bit special. Daniel Taylor’s, The Tommy Cooper Show, is no exception to the rule. In fact, this show goes further than that.

This is a show written and...

16 Dec 2013

Sleeping Beauty
Theatre Severn

Pantomime is such a difficult discipline to get right. When it isn’t right it’s noticed when its spot on it isn’t noticed, just enjoyed.

Sleeping Beauty, Theatre Severn ‘s offering this year, gladly falls into the latter category and Evolution Productions can relax knowing that their production is as good as any other year’s show. And let’s...

07 Nov 2013

Sometimes, every now again, comes a phenomenon that as a theatre critic one simply cannot miss. Such was , “An audience wth Doreen.” The show has become an internet sensation with over one and a quarter million hits. That in anyone’s reckoning is quite a lot of views.

To catch up with the show I had to leave Shrewsbury and go to the Theatre on The Steps in Bridgnorth, it would have been...

28 Oct 2013

If you are of certain age you will by now probably know and have taken note that Lou Reed has picked up his guitar and left the building. The world of art says goodbye to a man who subliminely entered all our consciosness and still kept his integrity intact. For someone in the eye of the public he maintained his relevance right up to the present day.



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