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11 Jun 2015

Ms. Chamberlain Presents


The Walker Theatre



If you weren’t at the theatre tonight here’s a fact you might not know about Shropshire. One of the most influential females of the Twentieth century was born and grew up here in our county.

Eglantyne Jebb, the philanthropist and founder of the charity, Save The Children Fund,  was...

26 May 2015

Birmingham Royal Ballet

Theatre Severn

26/27 May 2015

Theatre goers were certainly out in force this week as the Birmingham Royal Ballet hit town. Sporting three very different dances it was obvious audience members were delighted to learn their ticket money had been a great investment.

Firstly with a cavalcade of colour, expression and delight Les Rendevous...

22 May 2015

Opera Dinas Abertawe/Swansea City Opera

Theatre Severn


Swansea City Opera, to celebrate its tenth year this year, has wheeled out the little performed opera;  Charles Gounod’s,  Faust.

A cautionary allegory with debauchery, hedonism, mild Homo-eroticism, greed and death as its central themes should be explosive……Well it was! This is a powerful,...

09 May 2015

Tony Stockwell

Psychic Medium

Walker Theatre

9th May 2015

If you believe or even if you don’t, a show with a medium  is always going to be an interesting if not slightly contentious night of entertainment.

Tony Stockwell with a list of credits as long as your arm, was on stage in the Walker Theatre chatting as he told us,  with people on the other side!

07 May 2015

Midge Ure

Theatre Severn


It was a full house from a large strata of society that waited patiently for the former golden boy of New Romance, Midge Ure. Patiently they waited. Then without fanfare or ceremony onto the stage walked two lads. People murmured and muttered about warm up groups etc. etc. then they started to play.

Wow! This was the first...

21 Apr 2015

Willy Russell’s

Blood Brothers

Theatre Severn

Monday 20th April Saturday 25th April

If you ever want to experience true genius in theatrical writing you would do no better than to check out this amazing show. There isn’t enough superlatives written to react toWilly Russell’s  brilliant penwork.

What we have here is a bundle of excellence wrapped in superb...

28 Mar 2015

Owen Lewis Portable Theatre Company Tour.

Whitchurch Talbot Theatre April 10th

Oswestry Kinoculture April 15th

Church Stretton Silvester Horne April 23rd

Shrewsbury Walker Theatre April 24th

For many years now I have been reviewing theatre and drama within Shropshire/Shrewsbury. Sometimes contentious, sometimes gushing, sometimes harsh but always honest. Well...

17 Mar 2015


Walker Theatre



Milked, from the pen of Simon Longman and performed by our own local company, Pentabus; bravely explores the lot of two twenty-somethings stuck in in rural surroundings.

The play ran for a straight 67 minutes and demonstrates pure excellence in the art of theatre.

So many...

05 Mar 2015

Chicken Pox Fox

Donna Disco

Walker Theatre


When one attends a play with little or no information other than what is written in the Theatre Severn handbook, it is always quite natural to feel a little trepidation. Sometimes it is well founded and one can be trapped in a disastrous piece...

02 Mar 2015

One Man Breaking Bad

Theatre Severn


An impressive sized audience awaited for Miles Allen to take the to the stage to cook up his one man parody to one of the greatest  TV shows to come out of America, “Breaking Bad.”

A lot were there to answer their own curiosity as to how one man can do all sixty episodes, alone in little over an hour. The answer...


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