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22 Oct 2019


Theatre Severn

22nd-26th Ooctober 2019

(2.30 Matinee Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday)

Regular theatre goers will recognise the name Of Bill Kenwright Productions and will know that has always been a hallmark of a good show. One always gets a feeling of watching top West End stuff, thanks to the enterprising production company. This time they have gone one...

02 Oct 2019

An Inspector Calls

Theatre Severn

02nd  October-5th October 2019

Matinee 02nd  and 05th   at 14.30

Sometimes to watch a theatre doing exactly what it can is like watching a top athlete work, every sinew every muscle in synchronicity so too is theatre. Every light cue, every sound cue, Theatre Technology , Actors, Directors to Producers and Designers,  all working...

27 Sep 2019

Nett UK Presents

Motown. How sweet it is.

Theatre Severn

27th September 2019

Many good things came out of Nineteen Fifty Nine. A good year for Theatre Reviewers I have heard. However the salient point being that it is the year that Berry Gordy created the Motown label. In doing he gave songs and Artistes who will stay indelibly locked into our minds for ever more....

17 Sep 2019

Respect…The Aretha Franklin Songbook

Theatre Severn

Tuesday 17th September 2019

This is a real pot-pouri of a show, a huge mixture with some bits of it smelling sweeter than others. So The Aretha Franklin Songbook now contains classics such as Hey Jude and Bridge Over Troubled Water? If they are in there I wonder if Ms. Franklin knows, because it was a huge surprise for...

14 Sep 2019


Theatre Severn

Saturday 14th September 2019



Straight from the West End and following a revue at Sadler’s Wells, we welcome the return of the Balletboyz with their strikingly challenging pieces “THEM “and “US”. These were two very differing pieces and this review will reflect on the merits of both acts.

Act one if you like, the Them part...

13 Sep 2019

The Christians

Theatre Severn

Friday 13th September 2019

One was particularly interested in watching the Christians tonight not because they are a top band but because the last two visits from the Eighties super-group have seen them performing in the Walker Theatre. I spoke with Garry Christian after those gigs and he had intimated to me that they would like to return and...

29 Jul 2019

Chickenshed Theatre Presents

Mr. Stink

Walker Theatre

Monday 29th July

There is a story that we all encounter as youngsters called the “Emperor’s New Clothes,” the big reveal is that just because he was the Emperor no one would criticise him. Consequently until an innocent boy points out the Emperor is naked, no one would say a word. Is David Walliams the new...

06 Jul 2019

The stage tonight was laid out to resemble Lazy Joe’s Live Lounge where there was going to be a country show. There was a back flat and two side flats with 50’s  American iconography. American logo’s for Beer, Country stars pictures and musical instruments were painted onto the backdrop to present a nice little venue for the show that was about to begin.

Concerned that the show might be...

26 Jun 2019

Shropshire Drama Company

Flare Path

Walker Theatre

Wednesday 26th June –Saturday 29th June

From the pen of Terence Rattigan, “Flarepath”, is a story of love and deceit in a wartime setting. It’s a big show and has been with us since the first performance back in a darker world where the end of the war seemed miles away in 1942. It’s a sobering thought when one...

18 Jun 2019

Anything for Love: The Meatloaf Story

Theatre Severn

Tuesday 18th –Wednesday 19th June

Its fair to say that one expected the theatre to be full to capacity tonight and admittedly one was not disappointed. The reason why…Well quite apart from the amazing Meat Loaf  score, reputation precedes Steve Steinman as he is well known to Shrewsbury theatre goers. Normally he is with...


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