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27 Jun 2022

Walker Theatre

Curtain Call Juniors Present,

Matilda The Musical Jr.

Monday 27th -Thursday30th  


Well here is a story that anyone who had a young child in the Nineteen Nineties couldn’t have possibly missed; the Hollywood blockbuster, Matilda. Starring Danny DeVito as the Wormwood family’s patriarch: Charting their relationship with their sweet and lovable...

11 Jun 2022

The Bob Dylan Story

Walker Theatre

Theatre Severn

11. June. 2022


If you were around in the Sixties, maybe even if you weren’t you must be aware of the sense of revolution that was in the air. The Vietnam War was boiling away, grinding the best of American Youth to dust. Martin Luther King was shot and killed, Kennedy suffered the same fate and the air both...

23 May 2022

Steeleye Span

Theatre Severn



It seems true that if you change a broom head and then the broom handle you still have the same broom. Well, operating under much the same maxim, no matter how many times Steeleye Span change their personnel, as they do often, they still produce that inimitable sound of what is now considered to be classic Folk Rock. Classic...

13 May 2022

Walker Theatre

Theatre Severn

Bob Drury’s Viva Neil Diamond Unplugged

13: May: 2022

Well, I’ll start by giving you a smile. As I sat in the Foyer there was only about seven people sitting waiting and I thought “Oh Dear, Poor Fella,” The joke was on me! Totally misreading my ticket I manged to arrive a full forty-five minutes before the start of his 8pm show. Lesson...

26 Apr 2022

May the Twenty Seventh is the date and the venue is The Hive in Shrewsbury.

For many years there has been great music played in the Pubs and Clubs and Shrewsbury. Great singers, guitarists and poets. Shrewsbury people may only see them once or twice and sometimes never again. However, it is worth saying the standard of music played is top level and most players in the...

24 Apr 2022

The Amazing Bubble Man,

Walker Theatre,

24th April 2022

It was a packed Walker Theatre that welcomed back Louis Pearl A.K.A. The Amazing Bubble Man. One saw immediately why this event was so well attended. He is so good and everyone there knew something special and unusual was going to occur this afternoon; and it did.

With a variety of fascinating objects to make...

05 Apr 2022

Theatre Severn,

National Dance Company of Wales

One Another/Law Ynllaw

Tuesday 5th April

When one goes to watch a production by the National Dance Company of Wales one expects to be not only entertained but to be challenged. After all one is seeing someone’s idea or interpretation of a situation you may fully understand: But that understanding is stretched and...

23 Mar 2022

The Wizard Of Oz

Theatre Severn

23rd March-26th March (Matinee on 26th see brochure)

One of the biggest projects that an amateur theatre company can take on must be The Wizard Of Oz; not only did the Shrewsbury Musical Theatre Company take it on, they owned it.

With a cast of 49 the stage was filled with people enjoying themselves and their performance, as was the...

Ireland The Show
10 Mar 2022

Ireland, The Show

Theatre Severn

10th March 2022

There are two things I wish to say to you initially before I come on to tonight’s performance. Firstly, I am delighted to be back bringing my comments and views to loveshrewsbury.com. I have missed writing for you.

Secondly, hats off to Theatre Severn for their bold and unified statement. As I approached the Theatre...

10 May 2021

It is in the world of British Folk Music that we find our history. Our oral traditions, our customs, our sports, our interests and the stories of our characters throughout the years: Shropshire has played a huge part in this scene since time began. It is here we boast a thriving folk scene, we are home to one of the biggest folk festivals in the country, Shrewsbury pubs are usually alive with...


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