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29 Jul 2019

Chickenshed Theatre Presents

Mr. Stink

Walker Theatre

Monday 29th July

There is a story that we all encounter as youngsters called the “Emperor’s New Clothes,” the big reveal is that just because he was the Emperor no one would criticise him. Consequently until an innocent boy points out the Emperor is naked, no one would say a word. Is David Walliams the new...

06 Jul 2019

The stage tonight was laid out to resemble Lazy Joe’s Live Lounge where there was going to be a country show. There was a back flat and two side flats with 50’s  American iconography. American logo’s for Beer, Country stars pictures and musical instruments were painted onto the backdrop to present a nice little venue for the show that was about to begin.

Concerned that the show might be...

26 Jun 2019

Shropshire Drama Company

Flare Path

Walker Theatre

Wednesday 26th June –Saturday 29th June

From the pen of Terence Rattigan, “Flarepath”, is a story of love and deceit in a wartime setting. It’s a big show and has been with us since the first performance back in a darker world where the end of the war seemed miles away in 1942. It’s a sobering thought when one...

18 Jun 2019

Anything for Love: The Meatloaf Story

Theatre Severn

Tuesday 18th –Wednesday 19th June

Its fair to say that one expected the theatre to be full to capacity tonight and admittedly one was not disappointed. The reason why…Well quite apart from the amazing Meat Loaf  score, reputation precedes Steve Steinman as he is well known to Shrewsbury theatre goers. Normally he is with...

12 Jun 2019

Shrewsbury Amateur Operatic Society

Jesus Christ Superstar

Theatre Severn

Wednesday 12th-Saturday 15th June (Matinee 14.30 Saturday)


Back in the day there was a big buzz on London stages. They had gone musical theatre mad for a while but Rogers and Hammerstein soon finished providing the shows that our parents loved. Then Wow, didn’t the Musical take off?...

08 Jun 2019

The Bob Dylan Story

Walker Theatre

Saturday June 8th  2019


It was encouraging to see the Walker Theatre sold out, one knows something good is about to go down. Tonight one was not disappointed as something big did go down. The Bob Dylan Story. Led by Bill Lennon as Bob himself, the hits just kept on coming and something big certainly went down.

There aren’t...

27 May 2019

Simon Friend, Amblin Partners and Josh Armstrong Present,

The Girl On The Train

Theatre Severn

Monday 27th – Saturday June 1st (Matinee Saturday 14.30)


The Girl on The Train is a publishing phenomenon explains the programme, further telling us that Paula Hawkins’ book sold a million copies within two months of its publication. A new thriller for a new...

17 May 2019

Birmingham Royal Ballet

Seasons in Our World/Peter And The Wolf

Theatre Severn

Friday 17th…Saturday 18th May (Matinee at 14:00)

It is always so refreshing to watch a company like Birmingham Royal Ballet (BRB) they always leave one astounded, overawed and humbled all at the same time which is quite a maelstrom of emotion. It is only the best that can engender that...

14 May 2019

Seven Drunken Nights

Theatre Severn

Tuesday May 14th 2019

There is just so much to this show incredibly enjoyable and in some places exhilarating. One believes the people of Shrewsbury suspected it might be a good one as the theatre was packed. They were right.

Seven Drunken Nights is the story in Song, Words and Music of the great Irish band, The Dubliners. Framed...

07 May 2019

National Dance Company Wales:

Cenedlaethol Cwmni Dawns Cymru


Tuesday 7th May 2019

To understand or even to enjoy modern dance one has to erase and preconceptions one has, any expectations in fact anything at all. What one needs to watch modern dance is a completely open mind. When one is in that receptive state of no expectations then the stage will be...


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