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tea bag
12 May 2013

Residents in Shrewsbury consume an astonishing 275,000 cups of tea every single day!  Our thirst for a cuppa comes with a price though - it creates a mountain of more than 1,000 tonnes of waste tea bags every year!  By weight thats 5% of all the rubbish collected from the town!

But it doesnt have to result in full bins and filling up landfill sites - tea bags can simply be composted at...

bin men collecting green bin
29 Apr 2013

Shropshire Council & their waste management contractor Veolia are reminding residents that there will be no collections of household rubbish, garden waste or recycling on Monday 6th May 2013 due to the early May Bank Holiday. As such all collections will take place one day later than usual throughout this week. So the revised collection schedule for this week is as follows:

Mouldy food
11 Apr 2013

Residents across Shrewsbury & Atcham throw away over £21,000,000 worth of food every year! That’s the shocking finding of research from government agency WRAP who have calculated that the average family buys £480 worth of food each year which just gets thrown in the bin!

Not only is it costing us a fortune but its bad for the environment too.  To...

Child blowing dandelions
09 Apr 2013

Children from 17 local schools will be descending on Acton Scott Historic Working Farm for an Eco-Schools Activity Day in early May.

The event, on Thursday 2 May 2013, will include a host of workshops for the children including activities such as making recycled inner tube art, energy saving, a bug hunt and slimming your bin. 


closed loop glass recycling
13 Mar 2013

Every year we collect thousands of tonnes of waste glass bottles and jars from boxes and bottle banks in and around Shrewsbury.  But that is just the start of the recycling process.  Have you ever thought about what happens next?

From here it gets bulked up at our waste transfer stations like the one on...

men with paint tins
11 Mar 2013

We've been working with B&Q to raise awareness of safety and environmental issues around waste paint.  

Our Household Recycling Centre’s (HRCs) such as the one at Battlefield in north Shrewsbury accept all types of household paint.  If you  bring leftover paint here it will be stored safely and then disposed of professionally. 

Although many...

Slim your bin
07 Mar 2013

Following their success in the NESTA Waste Innovation Challenge some volunteers from Shrewsbury are organising a "weight watchers" style approach to get people throwing away less rubbish.

The idea is to encourage people to recycle more and waste less through peer to peer support and cascade...

Aerial view of Shotton Paper Mill
26 Feb 2013

Ever wondered what happens to all the paper that we collect from homes in Shrewsbury?  Well despite what you might read in the papers, we actually send all your paper just over the Welsh border to the award winning eco-friendly Shotton paper mill - a leading manufacturer of newspaper print.  Not only is the mill based on using 100% recycled paper, but also makes its own green biomass energy...

Spinach soup
26 Feb 2013

With the dark nights and the weather recently turning colder again I have started to think about how I make the most of my forgotten foods and turn them into winter warmers.

Our partners at Love Food Hate Waste have provided this helpful winter warming rescue recipe to inspire you to use up whatever you have in the fridge, freezer and...

wilted flowers
12 Feb 2013

Local florists will see a huge boost to business this week due to Valentines Day with experts predicting that a whopping 50,000 individual roses will be given just in Shrewsbury.

But when the flowers begin to wilt residents are being urged not to bin their blooms but to get composting instead.  

Valentine's Day sees overall sales of fresh flowers quadruple so this is inevitably...


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