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summer bbq
25 Jul 2013

Shrewsbury residents typically spend around £35 on food and drink for a barbeque and with an average nine barbeques each, that’s a whopping £315 a year.  Yet we throw away around a quarter of our food before it gets eaten and barbeques in particular tend to result in a lot of waste.

So we have put together some ideas with our partners at Love...

Tetra Pak cartons for recycling
23 Jul 2013

Tetra pak (and other similar brands of paper based liquid food and drinks cartons) have always been seen as hard to recycle because they are made up of thin layers of paper and plastic and sometimes lined with foil too.  But it is easy to recycle them now - although we cant collect them for you, we have a network of 'bring' sites around Shrewsbury where you can take them for recycling.

soil washing plant
17 Jul 2013

Shrewsbury's waste contractor Veolia has opened a new facility in the West Midlands to “mine” the road sweepings collected by our highway maintenance teams in and around Shrewsbury for precious metals.

They believe they can extract at least £1,000,000 worth of metals like platinum, palladium and rhodium (and potentially even gold) from the dirt swept up from Britain’s streets each year...

green fair
02 Jul 2013

This Saturday (6th July 2013) why not come down to the Shrewsbury Green Fair to chill out with some family friendly fun for all. You can hear some funky folk music, whilst the kids can be occupied with some eco-friendly arts and crafts, you can grab yourself a Fairtrade cofee and a slice or...

Plastic bottles, pots, tubs & trays
27 Jun 2013

New figures just out show the amount of plastic collected from homes in Shrewsbury has shot up by 25%, since the kerbside collection of plastic pots, tubs and trays was introduced.

For a while now we've been collecting plastic bottles, but there was clearly a huge public appetite for more types of plastic packaging to be collected.  So it was great news that (working in partnership with...

we're supporting recycle week
17 Jun 2013

This week marks the tenth national Recycle Week. To celebrate this milestone we are making a big push on promoting recycling across the county all week - in particular over the airways teaming up with BBC Radio Shropshire to do a programme a day all about how you can waste less and...

Green footprints on the street in Copenhagen
12 Jun 2013

Shropshire Council’s environmental maintenance team will be out on the streets of Shrewsbury today Wednesday (12 June 2013) to encourage people to have pride in the place in which they live and keep Shrewsbury tidy.  We have a beautiful town, but we all need to make an effort to help keep it that way.

Also on the day, we're trying an innovative approach which applies a bit of nudge...

beer bottles
12 Jun 2013

On a recent trip to Berlin I was shocked at the price of a bottle of beer in a bar but then pleasantly surprised when almost half my money was handed back when I'd finished with the drink.  Typical German efficiency - not only is their set up not costing the taxpayer a penny but it allows the bottles to be sterilised and re-used too which is even better than recycling them.

I don’t know...

cooking strawberries to make jam
03 Jun 2013

Summer in the UK wouldn't be the same without strawberries, with cream or ice cream, in a cake or on their own, they are a succulent sign that summer is coming.

Strawberries are also one of the top leftover foods people say they frequently throw away because they ‘go off’ before we can use them.  Whether its because you didn't plan your meals out, went away for the weekend, didn’t get...

Battlefield Household Recycling Centre (aerial photo)
17 May 2013

Do you remember the olden days when you would take stuff to the 'tip' or the 'dump'? Well thats a thing of the past because most of our business these days is recycling.  In fact you can recycle 30 different materials at your local Household Recycling Centre on Battlefield Enterprise Park in Shrewsbury...


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