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tyre casings stacked
10 Nov 2014

Ever wondered what happens to the tyres you recycle at our local Household Recycling Centres ?

Well the good news is that since these items were banned from landfill, a wide range of innovative new recycling businesses and end...

shirley with recycler
03 Nov 2014

We have been working for a number of years now to try to get people to recycle more and one tried and tested method is to work through local schools.  Not only is this helping us to train up the future recyclers of tommorrow but through 'pester power' we know that kids are great at getting their folks to recycle more today.   It also makes alot of sense for us to get schools on board as their...

Ellesmere Green Flag Award
31 Oct 2014

The Mere at Ellesmere has officially unveiled their new Green Flag to celebrate being awarded the prestigious status.

The Green Flag Award was first launched in 1996 to recognise and reward the best green spaces in the country and The Mere met all the criteria for the honour. Pictured above members of the Mere Advisory Board, Friends of The Mere, Shropshire Cllr Ann Hartley, Shropshire...

Shrewsbury energy from waste facility
20 Oct 2014

Veolia, the waste contractors for Shropshire Council, have today put out a call for local artists to submit plans for a new piece of art as part of a public art scheme.

The new artwork is part of the development of the energy from waste facility (which will be operational in 2015) on land adjacent to the Shrewsbury...

cds and videos
06 Oct 2014

From time to time we all end up with unwanted items like video cassettes and DVDs which we will need to get rid of.  

Of course the best possible outcome is if you can help a local charity by donating good quality items which can be resold in the local community.  However I recommend you check locally because increasingly these items are very hard to sell second hand and some charity...

rapid recycle logo
03 Oct 2014

Working with our site management contractors Veolia – we wanted to try to encourage more re-use at the Councils Household Recycling Centres.  Whilst the vast majority of waste coming through our sites is now recycled or composted, it’s even better environmentally to re-use things where ever possible.

Getting items re-...

recycled aggregates
11 Sep 2014

H Evason & Co is a long established local fourth generation Shropshire family business situated just south of Shrewsbury, off the A49, in Dorrington.  They offer a wide range of services including supplying aggregates and decorative gravels for the building trade and DIY enthusiasts. 

These days a huge part of their business is reclaimed...

leaf mould cage
09 Sep 2014

As Autumn strips our trees naked and carpets Shropshire with fallen leaves you really should see this not as a problem but an opportunity.  Leaves are a wonderful resource with which to make a rich leaf mould. 

So if you want to try something new in the garden this Autumn, why not make your leaves work for you. Leaf mould is not the same as compost.  Compost is produced by bacterial...

recycling rubble
09 Sep 2014

Local family-run firm waste management business Budget Skips was formed by Wayne & Lorna Culliss over a decade ago and was started by purchasing two used skips and a skip loading back fitted to an ex-BT lorry, which was then hired out to family and friends.  Since then, Budget Skips has grown year on year.

Based out of the former...

loosemores skips
01 Sep 2014

Loosemores is a fourth generation family-owned and run local business, established in 1944.

Their trucks may be a common site on local roads but they are actually a national haulier (with over 30 vehicles) offering general and specialist haulage services moving the weird and wonderful no matter what the size or shape throughout the UK,...


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