The Woodland Walk

Time: 2 hours Approx     distance: 5 miles

Woodland walks are always a firm favourite with my readers and this is a lovely walk at any time of the year with my lead off for much of it. Along the way you get to see the very impressive remains of Haughmond Abbey. Bow wow wow!

1. Parking by the Corbett Arms walk straight over the road and down a public footpath then over stile. Walk to the opposite side of field following the Shropshire Way and pass over a bridge into another field. Here you can have your lead off providing there are no farm animals around.

2. Continue to follow the path over the bridge with the stream underneath and walk through a field, over a stile and through a bushy area again picking up the path and then turn right which leads you into the woodland which is run by the Forestry Commission.

3. At a fork turn left and follow yellow signs through woods until you hear traffic from a busy road. At this point you need your lead on.

4. Cross the road turning left then immediately right and enter into Abbey Wood. You can see the impressive English Heritage site of Haughmond Abbey in front of you.

5. Walking left into a field of farm animals and around the left hand side of the Abbey over stiles where necessary you get a breathtaking view of the former Augustinian Abbey. You can choose to pay to go in visit for further information.

6. When you have walked through the stiles and to the top of a slight bank turn left into the Coppice (not onto Shropshire Way) and here you can have your lead off. Follow the path through the Coppice and at the end of the Coppice you will arrive at some gates. Take the left hand gate and walk across the field keeping the Coppice you have just walked through to your left.

7. Entering a field on your right you will find another metal gate and walk past the works with a fence to your right and continue down the path turning right at the bottom and then right through another metal gate where you need your lead on.

8. When through gate with wharf cottage across the road in front of you turn to the left and you will arrive back to your start point. Corbett Arms welcome dogs in their extensive beer garden to the back of the property.


Boomerang Boomerang

Boomerang the dog, also know as J K Growling, and his owner Karen write a series of dog-friendly walk books priced at £4.99, Visit for full details or follow his antics on Twitter @walkwithboomer

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