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Alright guys, welcome to our new blog post for LoveShrewsbury! Big things are kicking off over here and you should all make sure you're here on the blog to witness everything that goes on in the next few months!

As it happens, we played what looks to be one of our last pub gigs for a long time on Wednesday, where we headlined at the Haygate in Wellington, marking a turning point in the direction we're heading as a band. The last year, up until the last few months , has marked a change in the way you guys see us. We're starting to play on much bigger national stages, we've had experience at world-class venues and in front of thousands of people, as well as all the local venues in between.

So when we got back to the Haygate it felt kinda weird to playing in front of an intimate home crowd again. The fact that we could actually make eye contact with individuals in the crowd was something we've lacked recently. Having said that it was awesome to be able to play in front of our close friends and newer local fans who hadn't had the chance to see us before. The best part involved being invited to a young fan's birthday party, where we shall try to refrain from getting wrecked (y'know, rock 'n' roll lifestyle and all that. Not promising anything.)

We were in the studio on Monday adding final touches to our first album, Your Wisest Choice And Your Worst One Yet, we still have mastering to go next week and then the release will be pretty much ready. After mastering we can send the album to production and become instantly world-famous (because that's how it works, right?) We also released the rough artwork for the album on facebook, which features a girl in a low-cut top, because if all else fails...
Well, again, that's our reasoning anyway.

Make sure you guys are keeping an eye out on for all our latest blogs and we'll post all the links to them from the facebook page and twitter feeds, this is going to be your most important way of seeing what we're up to when we're not on stage so make sure you're there to see it happen.
Anyway guys cheers for reading, our future blogs will likely be much more current and hilarious, keep in touch via the links below. FTD



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Alright guys, we have some huge things on the way for you all to be a part of in the next few weeks