Snowy Owl Lays Eggs at Battlefield Falconry Centre

A pair of Snowy Owls named Olly & Tiga have recently mated and the female 'Tiga' has laid a clutch of  eggs. Tiga is currently sitting on them now and will do for approximately 31-33 days in total. Snowy Owls which are mostly monogamous nest directly on the ground and the incubation period  is done exclusively by the female whilst being fed on the nest by the male.

 Mark Southall the owner

“To have Snowy Owls attempting to breed at the centre is a real achievement and is a reminder of just how powerful Mother Nature can be.”

Tiga and Olly are both 3 years old and have been with the centre since 2011.
Owner Mark noticed the female on the floor one day and was warned by the male by a low and loud hoot which is a warning to stay away. The centre hopes that with enough love care and patience Tiga will be able to see the incubation period through and as many eggs as possbile hatch. When the new owlets are old enough a blood sample will be taken to determine if  they are male or female.  The new owlets when born will try to fly at around 35 days old  but won't fully master it will around 50 days old. They will be expected to grow to up to 27inches in height, have a wingspan of up to 66 inches and weigh between 1.6-3kg.

Battlefield Falconry Centre is located at the Battlefield 1403 site (behind the farmshop) they have over 35 different types of birds from Harris Hawks, Barn Owls, European Eagle Owls , Steppe Eagles and much more. The centre is open 7 days a week from 10am – 4pm and is only £2.50 for adults and £1.25 for children, so why not take the whole family up to meet those amazing birds?

They also cater for children's parties, bird handling sessions and as featured on the BBC TV Country Tracks and Escape to the countryshow  'Hawks on Walks' where you can take a walk through the beautiful Albrighton Estate and have the Hawk fly back to the glove.

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