Shrewsbury Fashion Show

As reported last week, Shrewsbury played host to the fashion show of up and coming designer Naomi Langford-Archer and her brand of children's wear Marmalade and Mash.
As a Shrewsbury girl, born and bred, Naomi Langford-Archer started her brand after graduating from London College of Fashion in which she studied children's wear.

I'll refrain from saying much more on the background of this brand for fear of repeating what has been said both last week online and also in the most recent issue of the Severn Magazine. I will however say, if you're not up to speed, please visit

My good friend was asked to help with the choreography, so I was happy (as a writer for this wonderful website!) to be invited along. Now, as a fashion student myself, I was very excited to attend this event, but, having never been to an actual fashion show before, I didn't know what to expect.

First thoughts? Man alive, was I under-dressed!? Everybody looked so beautiful, and there were doormen...doormen!? Within 5 seconds, I felt like I was embarking on something pretty special.
On arriving at the beautiful Morris Hall in the centre of Shrewsbury town,  I was greeted by my friend who immediately took me into the green room to meet the impeccably dressed children. The first thing that really struck me, was just how perfect a setting it was to have the show. I know that this was probably Naomi's plan, but the clothes just seemed to resonate with the setting, and that along with the slight chill breeze coming in from the door-things just seemed to fit the idea's associated with the brand.

There was a definite feeling of excitement in the hall, the atmosphere felt amazing-especially when Lady Gaga's 'Edge of Glory' started blaring through the speakers. The doors opened and in walked the first of the youngsters. As the two boys made their way up onto the runway to massive cheers, I suddenly felt a rush of emotion that was a mix of both excitement and hope for Naomi.

With beautiful tartans, corduroy and velvets the fabrics used looked wholesome and classic with the smock tops, waistcoats, pinafore dresses and tailored jackets. This accompanied with a colour palette of plum, mustard yellow, navy blue and bottle green gave the collection a classic British feel. The shapes and silhouettes were effortlessly timeless, but, styled with popular converse trainers the whole look was brought right up to date, but, more importantly, the children actually looked like children and were having fun with it.
After the autumn/winter collection, we were given a sneak peak into the Spring/Summer collection. Remaining loyal to the brand, we saw classic, tailored shapes and a beautiful pastel palette of creams, dusty pinks and yellows. I feel that with this brand, Naomi has really seen a gap in the market and reminded us of exactly how children should be dressing.
This is just what children's wear is missing. As a mother myself, I feel I am constantly fighting the high street to find clothes for my 4 year old boy to wear that I wouldn't see a 24 year old man wearing. The lines are a lot more blurred for youngsters these days, especially with boys.
This is what, for me, makes this collection so unique.

The night ended with a worthy standing ovation as Naomi took to the stage, followed by her loyal models. As the children headed back stage, the hall came alive with people eager to talk to the designer and make some worthwhile purchases.

I headed back to talk to the kiddies about their experience on the runway.
When I asked if they'd do it again, I was given a loud, all together “YES!”

Now, ask me if I'd go watch this designers work all over again? I too, would give a loud, YES! It would be my honour.

~Thanks for reading.

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