Rue Royale at the Shrewsbury Coffeehouse

Rue Royale made a welcome return to Shrewsbury with their gig at the Shrewsbury Coffeehouse on the 16th of August, as the opening date of their latest tour of the UK and Europe. 

Rue Royale are husband and wife duo, Ruth and Brookln Dekker, who cite influences from Fleetwood Mac to Granddaddy, John Martin and Jose Gonzalez, but bring something very much of their own making to their stripped-down and evocative music. Having seen them it is surprising to discover that they only started performing together five years ago, and more evident that they have spent much of the time since then touring.

They've clocked up 80,000 miles on the road in Europe alone and have played over 400 shows in the last three years. Clearly they have honed their performance in that time. From the opening song 'Parachutes and Lifeboats' on throughout the entire set they held the audience spellbound and the sense of intense concentrated listening from the audience was so strong that at times the clicking of my camera felt like sneezing in a library. A fantastic evening - look out for them next time they come to Shrewsbury or get to one of their other UK shows on the current tour.


Richard Hammerton Richard Hammerton
Local photographer Richard Hammerton.

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