This is a Public Service Announcement

Alright guys, we have some huge things on the way for you all to be a part of in the next few weeks. We've been working with graphic designers, clothing companies, promoters, producers and bands to bring you all a series of mega exciting FTD-related stuff.

First off, welcome to the blog. We'd love to spill everything to you guys right now but we can't reveal the exact details of all the amazing stuff we're about to let loose on you guys, because we're still waiting for confirmations on a lot of them. However we CAN confirm that we will be the main support for a large band from the USA in Birmingham very soon (keep checking the page for more details on that one, it's gonna be insane!)

Mastering and radio edits for all our songs will be finished by tomorrow, which means that the album is well on its way. Aside from this we've just started writing two of the most energetic, in your face rock songs we've ever written which we'll record and release some time early next year (see us live in the next few months and you'll get a sneak peek. Trust us, these are big.) Also in the pipeline is another kind of slow number which has some really good vibes going on, so we're excited for you to hear that too. Although for now of course you're all on the edge of your seats for the album which is so close to being released, make sure you're around to grab your copy around the end of September.

Any of you loveshrewsbury readers who haven't had the chance to see the teaser for our album yet, check it out here: and give us a message with your thoughts (feel free to rate and slate, all feedback is good feedback).

Otherwise it's another short-ish blog from us, we'll keep you posted with all these announcements via our blog on the loveshrewsbury website as we release them. In the meantime keep up with us on the links below. Cheers for reading guys, keep in touch. FTD.


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