The Pine Leaf Boys: Top Cajun band comes to Shrewsbury

Top class live Cajun music is not a regular event in Shrewsbury, and neither is the opportunity to see a four times Grammy nominated band, who often play to an audience of thousands, performing for just over fifty people in a small venue. On the evening of the 24th of July, if you were lucky enough to be at the Shrewsbury Coffeehouse on Castle Gates, you would have seen both these things.

The band I'm referring to are the Pine Leaf Boys, a five piece group from South Louisiana. I'm no expert on Cajun music or culture - other than a general notion that it has developed as a legacy of the French settlers who reached Louisiana in the mid 1700s and in the time since then evolved into something quite unique, with a style of singing that inspired Bob Dylan, I can't tell you much about it. For that I suggest a visit to the band's own website.

What I can say is that the music of the Pine Leaf Boys sounds great to the untrained ear, the archaic French Cajun vocals add a air of mystery and through it all there is all the charm and energy you could wish for. Seeing them play in such an intimate setting only added to the experience and if they ever make a return visit I strongly recommend going.

The next 'not to be missed' gig at the Coffeehouse is Thursday the 16th of August when Rue Royale make a welcome and much anticipated return. For other upcoming events see the listings page on the Coffeehouse website.


Richard Hammerton Richard Hammerton
Local photographer Richard Hammerton.

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