Mum backs bag-athon appeal at BHF store

A mum whose daughter has overcome a serious heart condition is backing a major charity appeal.

Elaine Emberton’s daughter, Megan, was born with a hole in the heart and Elaine, who works at the British Heart Foundation’s store in Shrewsbury’s busy Darwin Shopping Centre is calling for donation to the their Great British Bag-athon.

Elaine, 45, from Shrewsbury, who works some paid hours as well as giving up more of her time to work on a voluntary basis at the furniture and electrical store, says stock donations are needed urgently if the charity is to continue its vital work.

She said: “Research into heart disease is so vital. We were devastated when my daughter Megan was born and we were told, when she was about 10 days old, that she had a hole in her heart.
“It appears to have been a congenital thing and there was no treatment they could give her. As she has grown, she’s now 11, the hole has ‘healed’ and she’s now perfectly healthy but it was so worrying when she was small.

“We had to keep a really close watch on her and it was only through careful monitoring that we kept her healthy. It was a case of keeping her calm and not letting her exert herself too much.
“I knew, if her lips started turning blue for instance, then it was time to slow her down.”

She added: “The thing is lots of other children, and adults for that matter, aren’t so lucky and that’s why research into heart disease is so very important.”
Last year British Heart Foundation shops raised more than £31m in the fight against heart disease and without donations from the public that impressive figure would simply not have been possible.

Elaine said: “All British Heart Foundation shops are always keen to receive saleable donations including clothing, shoes, books, DVD’s, CD’s and bric-a-brac.
“Our furniture and electrical stores need good quality unwanted furniture such as sofas, dining sets and beds or electrical items such as kettles, toasters and coffee makers. And we have a free collection service to make things easier for those willing to donate.

“Throughout September we want people have a clear out and fill as many bags as they can and donate them to the British Heart Foundation.

“Taking part in September’s Bagathon couldn’t be simpler, we just need everyone to help us raise as many bags as possible.

“Each bag filled equals £20 to help the charity’s life-saving work. Taking part is easy – fill one bag and bring it to your local shop or take a Bag-athon challenge to raise as many as you can.
“All you do is set a target: five, 10, 50 or even more! You can take part as an individual, group or company – register online or read our downloadable hints and tips to get started with your challenge.
“Shrewsbury folk are really generous and I’m sure they will be more than prepared to take up the Bagathon challenge.”

For more information of the British Heart Foundation’s Bagathon Appeal visit


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