Marches Art Group prepare their 2012 exhibition.

The Marches Art Group
Can there be anything more subjective than art? Art is designed to be seen, to speak to us and give us messages.  Sometimes some can read the messages and some can’t; sometimes we all can and sometimes no one can. But the artists will forever continue communicating.

Art has played a massive part in all our lives, whether we are talking about installations like the contentious ‘My Bed’ by Emin or maybe a classic masterpiece for example the ‘The Haywain’ by Suffolk artist John Constable, It is all out there to speak to us.  Either through overt consumption or subliminal force-feeding we all have a diet of art. Advertising can pump us with thousands of images a second and a gallery can give us the time to look at art and peruse each individual message. It is therapeutic.

Here’s a couple of attempts of definitions of what is art from two players on the main stage.

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.  Pablo Picasso

One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself.
Leonardo Da Vinci

I have to say to Pablo, as a child I drew as beautifully as I do now, in other words not at all. However Da Vinci makes an excellent point and shoots so much nearer the truth. Art is controlling what we see and how we interpret that on the inside and how then best we can produce it in a form that others understand.

The Marches Art Group, run by Mick Gilmore of Bayston Hill seek, in their meetings, to paint how they feel and what they see. The picture above is from the brushes of Rob Lecky. To some it is a picture of beauty and of tranquillity, to someone else, someone like a trawler man, it is a scene of industry. It may bring happy memories or it may not. Whatever it is, it is a clear indication that the artists of the Marches Art Group paint beautifully. I recall last year’s exhibition from the group and I remember how exciting it was.

Well they are back to the Bear Steps with their beautiful colours and their creations, Beginning on the 28th of this month, they will remain open until 8th of August. Given the standard of Rob’s heading photo it promises, once more to be a beautiful exhibition.

Marches Art Group The Bear Steps 28th of August to the 8th of September.


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