Investment for Miruji Beach

After just six months in its new, larger Shrewsbury premises, Miruji Beach Spa is undergoing an expansion which will see the site double in size!

The Miruji Beach Spa opened on Roushill in January after the business growth meant a larger site was needed. Now, another ten revolutionary Miruji massage chairs are being installed in the spa which will enable even more people to relax and unwind and if they want, help them on their way to reaching a specific goal.

Owner Alan Sharrock is expanding onto the floor above in a move that represents an investment of around £100,000 this year.

Alan is the Shrewsbury-based entrepreneur behind the Miruji Wellbeing chairs concept. He appeared on BBC TVs’ Dragon’s Den in August 2011 and despite being rejected by the Dragons for financial backing, he went on to establish his own centres, which are going from strength to strength. There are now five Miruji centres nationwide, in Brentford, Warnam, New Malden, and Putney as well as Shrewsbury, where Alan lives.

The Miruji Beach Spa in Shrewsbury is the only centre with the Miruji Beach, where you can relax under sun lamps in 28 degree heat on the ground level of the spa. It also offers well-being chairs and foot massagers. In the last few weeks the Miruji Mini Break and foot, hand and head massages on the beach have also been added to the services on offer.

The chairs help the user relax as they offer a full body massage while listening to an audio programme. The range of specialised audios use neuro linguistic programming (NLP) and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and are recorded by professional mind coach, Tianne Crowshaw.

They provide a narrative which not only helps the user relax, but also gives them tools and encouragement to begin to work on a number of issues, whether it is depression, anxiety, weight issues or smoking.

Alan said: “We know anyone who tries the chairs will be enthusiastic and we are conducting our own surveys now that we have nearly 500 members at the spa. Clients come here because they are seeking help for a particular issue or just want to get a relaxing full body massage from the chairs, which scan each individual’s body in order to give a massage right for them. The chairs have numerous physical and mental benefits. People report feeling happier and even relief from muscle pain being among other benefits.”

Avril Lee, 55, from Shrewsbury, has been using the Miruji well-being chairs for two hours each week for a number of months and is a member of the spa.

She said: “I wanted to lose some weight and de-stress and it was a case of I would give anything a try. I have asthma and I couldn’t walk up Pride Hill in January, but now I can and without using my inhalers. I’m the sort of person who knows how many calories are in everything and I wanted help with my energy and mobility. I couldn’t even be bothered to do the dishes before, but now I just get on with things and feel happier and less stressed. I have lost 12lbs and lots of inches, and gone down two dress sizes - yet I have been eating the same diet. I have much more energy.”

Alan added: “I am delighted that the business is expanding so rapidly. We now have six members of staff, whereas six months ago it was just me working here. The expansion means that even more people will be able to come and try the chairs or the beach for themselves and see what all the fuss is about.”

If you would like to book a session at the Miruji Spa, or would like to find out more, you can find it at 9 Roushill Shrewsbury, and by calling 01743 600581, emailing [email protected] or visiting


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