Competition - The Adventures of Caitlin Haq [EXPIRED]

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Shrewsbury College of Arts and Technology is abbriviated to what?

a. asdik
c. iwosj

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Competion closes 13th September.

Stuart Williams, a maths teacher at Shrewsbury College, has ended up with a completely unexpected publishing hit. While everyone has been talking about Fifty Shades of Grey Stuart’s book of 10 short stories for children has been quietly selling away on Amazon all summer.

Already an established academic writer, Stuart published a factual book about non-league football in 2005 and has worked for publications such as Private Eye in the past. He wrote the first story as a way to make amends to his girlfriend, Helen, after an argument, using her daughter, Caitlin as the heroin of the story.  It must have worked as Stuart and Helen are now married with two more children.

The book consists of 10 stand alone fantasy stories with some common characters and have Caitlin and  her black cat Slim flying on her bunk bed, helping dragons re-light their fire and beating up lots of bullies and smelly boys.

Described by Emma Watson aka Hermione Granger, in a tweet to Stuart as, “Beautiful, I love them!” His book The Adventures of Caitlin Haq briefly touched the top 200 of Amazon children’s stories in August this year.

To buy the Adventures of Caitlin Haq on Kindle go to where the first story can be read for free.


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