Shropshire company encourages others to go green after national awareness week

A secure shredding company in Shifnal is encouraging other companies to ‘Go Green’ after adapting it’s running systems to save more trees, energy and water.

In the wake of ‘Go Green’ week, which ran from February 9 to 15, family business WN Security Shredding has assessed the way it affects the environment over its 25-year history.

The eco-friendly company shreds confidential documents from businesses, schools and public bodies across Shropshire and beyond, which goes on to be made into Nouvelle toilet paper and Thirst Pockets kitchen roll.

Managing director Diane Gardner said: “The nature of our business is recycling so we have made a big difference to the environment.

“But we are still dedicated to constantly analysing the way we work so we can make further improvements.

“Over the years we have changed the route our lorries take so as to reduce our carbon footprint, increased the capacity of paper we can shred so as to save more landfill and set up relationships with more companies so our recycled products can be used more often.

“In light of this national week of recognition I would encourage other firms to review their systems and make even the slightest of changes - which could make a huge difference.”

Since it first opened in 1989 WN Security Shredding has recycled 25,000 tonnes of paper.

It equates to environmental savings of 75,000 cubic yards of landfill, 425,000 trees, 9.5 million gallons of oil, 100 million kilowatts of electricity and 175 millions gallons of water.

The data was gathered using the Recycling Revolution website, based on the average of 1,000 tonnes of shredded paper a year being recycled by WN Security Shredding.

Manager Scott Gardner added: “Because we invest so much into the environment and it’s a priority of ours to review this so regularly, we have gained a number of certificates for the work we do.

“We have accreditation from the environment agency and we have a ‘green mark’.

“But here at WN Security Shredding we want to continue to strive for better and this national week is one way that we can encourage others to do so.

“We only have one planet and we need to do all we can to protect it.”

If customers request, WN Security Shredding issues them their very own certificate each year showing how many trees and how much fuel and water has been saved through the amount they have recycled.

For more information about the company, visit or call (01952) 463379.