4 reasons why Shropshire is a cycling paradise

Unknown to many outside of Shropshire, our countryside boasts qualities and beauty that creates a paradise for cyclists. Typically locations like Yorkshire and the Cotswolds are areas that amass fame in cycling, so areas around Shrewsbury remain a close guarded secret. Here are four reasons as to why Shropshire is a county to recognise for two wheeled lovers.

Countryside and terrain

Leading out from Shrewsbury presents several options for amazing countryside and differing terrain. If you find yourself journeying down to Ludlow, 30 miles South, it will present you with rolling hills and the chance to stop by Carding Mill Valley, whilst heading out West will bring you into the unmistakable depths of Wales. Shropshire is a fantastic location and there are plenty of cycling routes to choose from.


Not only can you get to Ludlow and Wales with ease, there is also plenty of areas in the Northern and Eastern part. Heading to Ellesmere for example opens up the possibility to cycle down the tranquil canal system or to catch up with the narrow boats journeying over the aquaducts past Chirk.

Looking to go even further? Route up towards Llangollen for a sceneic descend into the picturesque valley, home to a preserved steam railway; and you may even be lucky enough to see Thomas the Tank Engine pass through. There are also plenty of traditional pubs and coffee stops on the way, and all around Shropshire in fact.


Shewsbury is home to the Mid-Shropshire Wheelers, one of the most established Shropshire cycling clubs offering social rides, family rides, competition, and sessions for young riders. With other clubs dotted around The Wrekin, Whitchurch and Oswestry, there are plenty of friendly cyclists to meet and ride out with.

There is also a pick of sportives in the area, with some hilly challenges down in Ludlow. These tend to be hosted between April-September (in other words cycling season) and make a weekend memorable and exceptionally rewarding. Better yet, all this whilst taking in the incredible scenery. 


Peacefulness is the final reason why Shrewsbury and Shropshire is a cycling paradise. Quiet countryside roads where the only sound is that of birdsong and the only sight is that of green meadow and wildlife. It's rare to come across country roads where machines do not break the quietness, but certain areas of Shropshire confidently promise such bliss.

Take yourself away from the main roads and off the beaten track, for there you will create cherished cycling moments and discover the true allure of this county.



Angus King Angus King
Angus has been working in the cycling industry for over two years and is the founder of Cyced, a local cycling resource and personalised artwork. He grew up cycling in and around Shrewsbury.

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