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  • Write Here re-opens after £50k re-fit
    01 Aug 2017

    A Shrewsbury business has re-opened after a £50,000 investment programme was completed.

    Write Here in the town’s High Street, has been transformed into one of the best independent pen shops in the country.

    John Hall, owner of the business, which employs six people, says that the refurbishment of his premises meant that is was now a leading UK retailer in this sector.

    His shop has been closed for more than a month while a major refit was carried out but has now been officially re-launched with a fresh, modern look.

    He commented: “We are delighted with the refurbishment which gives us more display space, a clean and bright new appearance and easier access for customers.

    “This is a substantial investment for us and is a statement of our commitment to Shrewsbury, independent retailing and, of course, to pens and writing which remain as popular as ever even in this digital age!

    “The town is blessed with a huge array of brilliant small shops and we think we are now one of the smartest of them all!”

    John said that Write Here had already become established as a specialist in writing instruments and this was now taken another level with a complete renovation of the shop.

    “We now have several hundred pens on display from at least 12 top manufacturers. Prices will range from £3.50 to £1,300 but we can get more exclusive hand-made writing instruments should customers require them.
    “In addition some new lines of stationery are being introduced and we are continuing to sell our huge range of cards, gifts, arts and writing materials,” he added.

  • The Best Restaurants in Shrewsbury
    19 Aug 2017

    Eating food, whether alone or with friends, for sustenance or pleasure, is one of the most important things we do as human beings. We are required to eat enough things each day to live but we don't think about it this way. We want things we will enjoy and can share. There are many establishments to do this in Shrewsbury, with the town having many restaurants worth visiting. If you're looking for some recommendations, then the following eateries are the places you should check out.

    Morgans is a top restaurant here in Shrewsbury that you can't pass by. A part of The Exchange Hotel, it is committed to providing a relaxed atmosphere for it's patrons. Since 1998, the restaurant has been a comfortable place you can sit and relax with family and friends to get some drinks or something to eat. The restaurant is open all week and has a variety of menus for you to consider. They regularly run offers such as Wednesday Steak Night and Coffee and Cake for £3.50 so you can easily find something tasty to eat.

    If you're a fans of burgers then you can head to Brooklyn Craft in Castle Gates. They specialise in providing terrific burgers and you can choose from a wide section. Whether it's beef or chicken, you can treat yourself to some quality fast food. With buffalo wings and milkshakes also available, as well as falafel. Founded by New Yorker Omar Hileh, the restaurant takes freshness seriously and only use the best ingredients. If you're looking for burger meal or a milkshake, you can order food from them direct to you.

    Italian food is always a popular choice for going out for a meal or ordering it in, so in Shrewsbury, you have Bella Napoli. If you want some pasta, risotti or pizza, then you have a wealth of options. They promise to make everything authentically Italian and have offers to help you get a great meal for a great price. You can drop in, make reservations and you can hire a room for parties and events. If you want something else or something different, they also have Turkish cuisine to try. You can order meals and desserts with Deliveroo, allowing for some quality dishes wherever you are.

    Third Place is your number one destination for Indian food in Shrewsbury. Open from 1700 to midnight, you can enjoy a huge range if Indian cuisine. Their head chef is Abu Antar who has over twenty years of experience and has worked here for over seven years. Tandoori Duck Massala, Podina Chicken Tikka, Lamb Jalfrezi and much more await you. Starters, the chef's specials, drinks, including alcohol, are all available for order.

    Pete White
  • Fantastic Local Dog Walk From Our Friend Boomerang
    17 Jul 2012


    1 1/4 miles – less than an hour

    This is a lovely walk with no traffic worries for dogs and children as you walk around the site of the Battle of Shrewsbury 1403.

    The battle was one of the bloodiest conflicts ever to take place on British soil and as many as 5000 men are thought to have died. Along the walk are interesting information points which tell you why, when and who was involved.

    With a small detour towards the end of the route you can find out more at the free visitor centre at Battlefield 1403. The added bonus is that you can browse around the farm shop, butchery and tea room. Dogs are restricted to outside areas but are given a warm welcome and there are plenty of water bowls.

    Whilst there you can visit Tilly the English Pointer at the Battlefield Falconry centre.

    1.Park at the Battlefield Heritage site (note there are vehicle height restrictions) PostcodeSY4 3DB. Walk a short distance to a wooden gate and when you pass through take a left. From here you can walk your dogs (and kids!) off a lead if you choose.

    2. Follow the path as you walk around the Battlefield, through gates under the pylons. By the large oak tree there is information regarding the Battle.

    3. Keep following the path until you arrive at a little gate. Keep left and follow your nose through some woodland. Walk through a second gate to arrive at a field.

    4. You will arrive at the beautiful, yet redundant, St Mary Magdalenes church which was built in 1406 as a memorial to those who lost their lives. It is from here that you can detour to the Battlefield 1403 visitor centre by crossing the churchyard and field.

    5. Alternatively, keep following the path until you arrive at a bridge and taking the left hand gate walk into a field which is perfect for a spot of ball throwing! Walk through the gate on the opposite side and take a left to arrive back at your start point.

    Boomerang the dog, also known as J K Growling, and his owner Karen Lloyd write a series of dog-friendly walk books including a book for Shrewsbury and surrounding areas.

  • The Salopian Open Mic night
    06 Jul 2012

    Salopian Open Mic
    Smithfield Road
    July 5th

    Having been raised in Church Stretton and going to school in Shrewsbury and loving this county as I do, one may suggest I may be a little partisan when it comes to reviewing Shropshire events. Not a bit of it. I will seek out the good and the bad and inform you of both in equal measure, thus is the lot of the reviewer. That said when I tell you that although I have lived in many areas of the U.K., and further away in Europe, I can say hand on heart that the best open mic nights and sessions I have ever been to have been in Shropshire, fact! So naturally it will be my intention over the next few months to seek them all out and share my thoughts with you.

    Tonight, being Thursday July 5th, a warm, remarkably dry night, given current climate, I checked out the Salopian open mic night organised by acoustic music doyen, Fergus Reid. Fergus has worked incredibly hard at not only organising the whole event every Thursday at the Salopian, in Smithfield Road, but he also  sings, plays and compere’s too. I believe it is that level of commitment that ensures the integrity of the session and will tempt the more able players to want to jump in and get involved.

    So unluckily for Fergus tonight’s event was happening with the backdrop of a cider festival. Music? Cider Festival? Should work shouldn’t it? Well yes it did. I arrived at the bar and was greeted with an ambience akin to the Wembley crowd as Geoff  Hurst popped in the winning goal against Germany in the 1966 world cup. Maybe it was even  just slightly noisier, one can only guess however, over in the music area there was little worry about those jollities and the consequential noise that was occurring.

    Fergus, himself, was playing and was being accompanied by some incredible guitar work from local musicians Steve Bradley and Alan Williams. The note-work was stunning and there was an air of improvisation that gives live music its power. Recorded music is fine but live music has that something extra. With all the greatest recording equipment in the world I imagine it would still be impossible to capture that something extra that one gets from encountering a live experience.

    A young pair of lads seriously impressed me; again a Shrewsbury band, known as “Two Blank Pages.” With an eclectic mix of homespun material and more known tracks too, the lads held the audience in their palms for the twenty or so minutes of their set. I combined the ages of the two of them and worked out they were still 17 years younger than me. Ouch, time and tide wait for no man it seems. However they stood ,they played, they sang and they entertained. You can check them out on “You Tube.” Do it, they are good.

    Most importantly there was such a cross generation audience. It seems good music appeals to all ages and all ages can get together to make it.

    So how does an open mic work? It is quite simple. On arrival if you wish to play you would approach the compere and he will find you a spot. In the case of the Salopian night you can find the session on Face Book. Look for “Salopian open mic,” and you will be directed there. That is where you can also message Fergus to book a spot. There isn’t a shortage of willing volunteers that’s for sure, so an early arrival is deemed prudent to avoid disappointment.

    Then when it’s your turn the mics are arranged to your specification and the floor becomes yours. Some sessions are very strict on time and the amount of numbers you would be permitted to perform. Fergus gives the Artists a longer spot which gives the whole thing a concert feel and the Artists get a better chance to show what they can do. This is a healthy approach as musicians never seem to get the chance to fully showcase their talents, not so at the Salopian.

    The evening is beautifully free of charge. There can’t be many places where one could watch such remarkable skills and talents for gratis. The discerning audience realised that fact and were having a great night. 

    Eventually the hubbub from the cider festival either melted away or in fact one became inured to it. Whichever way it didn’t matter because there was such great stuff to hear it was easy just to lose yourself in the music and concentrate on the sounds.

    In summary the Salopian offered an eclectic, enjoyable and welcome interruption into what could have been just another night. The Salopian Open Mic runs on Thursday nights from 8.30. Get your guitar out or just get your ears on and get along. It’s worth it. Going by my five star system I award this event a four star status.

    Owen Lewis


    Owen Lewis
  • New Riverside, New Shopping, New Shrewsbury
    28 May 2012

    Should fresh proposals for the redevelopment of our town’s three main shopping centres get the go-ahead, be prepared for a radical new shopping experience and revival of retail in Shrewsbury!

    In a bold move to improve the vitality and viability of the entire town as a visitor destination, the owners of the Pride Hill, Darwin and Riverside shopping centres are intending to invest an impressive £150 million into the transformation of shopping in Shrewsbury. They are proposing a major revamp that will for the first time, link all three centres in a cohesive manner and enhance Shrewsbury’s shopping heart.
    The proposed redevelopment will regenerate the three individual and outdated shopping centres into a modern and attractive place to shop, visit and work. The scheme will see the demolition of the existing Riverside to create New Riverside, anchored by the exciting prospect of a 95,000 sq ft department store for the town.

    Previous plans to regenerate the three shopping centres have failed due to a lack of financial realism - however according to the current owners of the sites, their proposals are based on sound financial appraisals. New Riverside will deliver new, large shop units which aim to attract high-quality retailers that are not already present in Shrewsbury, to complement the town’s strong sector of independently owned businesses.

    Detailed plans have recently been unveiled providing an idea of what is on the horizon for Shrewsbury as a bustling retail hub. With the inclusion of 50 new shops and 10 restaurants, it is hoped that the shopping centres which have long been disconnected from each other, will eventually house big name retailers who will choose to invest in Shrewsbury and boost the town’s appeal to all.

    Modern retail units will attract new retailers to Shrewsbury and help ensure that the area is a successful retail destination in the future, boosting consumer spending across the town. Shoppers will not have to travel to competing towns such as Telford, Birmingham and Chester for example – but will be able to find everything they need on the doorstep.

    If you are interested in finding out what is planned for the Pride Hill, Darwin and Riverside centres, or if you wish to view the proposals for the intended redevelopment, visit

  • Shropshire Rescue Has 26 Pups In Need Of Homes
    23 Nov 2015

    A SHROPSHIRE dog rescue is appealing for dedicated owners to come forward and offer a home to one of the 26 bull breed puppies currently in its care.

    Finding Furever Homes is caring for the 26 pups and their four mums in partnership with a kennels in Condover, Shropshire and they are all either bull breeds or bull breed crosses.

    The litters of puppies, which currently range from 3 to 8 weeks old are able to be rehomed once they are 10 weeks old. They have been vaccinated, wormed and micro-chipped, but new owners will have to have them neutered once they are old enough, usually around six months of age.

    Andrea Newton, of Finding Furever Homes, believes these innocent puppies and their mums are symptomatic of a much wider problem that exists across England and Wales.

    She said: “Statistics suggest at any given time about 80 per cent of the dogs in rescue in England and Wales will be Staffordshire Bull Terrier (SBT) or SBT cross and that is because people are failing to neuter their pets. The unwanted puppies are changing hands for very little or no money, often resulting in them being bought or given away to homes that aren’t really interested in them.

    “Those dogs in turn are not neutered and often not properly cared for and they end up being abandoned or straying or being signed over to animal charities such as ours, who are then left to deal with the consequences.”

    Three out of the four bitches were signed over to the registered charity by owners who had not even realised their pets were pregnant and Evie was picked up as a heavily pregnant stray.

    Roxy is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross American Bull Terrier who has given birth to 10 puppies, 5 dogs and 5 bitches. The breed of the father was unknown. Lucy is also a bull terrier who has given birth to one dog and five bitches. Tess is also a Staffordshire Bull Terrier type who has given birth to 2 dogs and 2 bitches. The fourth mum, also a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Evie has given birth to six pups, three of each sex, which are currently around 3 weeks old.

    Andrea Newton added: “Although some of the puppies are ready to be reserved now, many are still quite young and they will not be ready for rehoming until just before Christmas, which is not usually a great time to introduce a new dog into your home, especially if you have lots of friends and family visiting, so we will need to find them very special homes where that is taken into account.

    For further information about Finding Furever Homes and to offer a puppy a home please visit

    Finding Furever Homes, which celebrated its first anniversary as a registered charity on 10 January 2014, has already helped rehome 310 dogs (178 since it was officially registered by the charity commission) and donated over £45,000 to help cover the vet and food bills of canines being cared for in other rescue charities across England and Wales.

    Unlike many dog rescues, Finding Furever Homes never set out to compete with existing charities or build dog rescue facilities of its own but rather to take a pragmatic approach and support smaller dog rescues which already exist throughout England and Wales.

  • Friends of the Flaxmill Maltings and Martin Wilson School joint table top sale
    02 Dec 2014

    A chance to clear the decks before Christmas, raise a bit of extra cash and find a few bargains!

    Indoor table top sale at the Flaxivity Youth Centre (ex Salop Glass) in front of the Flaxmill Maltings on Sunday the 7th of December, from midday to 2pm - sellers set up from 11am.

    There is plenty of car parking space.

    Costs £5 per table with all proceeds split between the Friends and the school.

    Bring your own tables, though we do have a few available. Please mail [email protected] to book a space and a table if you need one.

    Booking isn't essential, but it will help us have an idea of numbers

    Pete White
  • Care company expanding into north Shropshire
    27 Jul 2017

    A company which provides care services for people in Shropshire has announced plans to expand its operation.

    Sentinel Care Services is based in Telford and provides care to people within their own homes - and is now expanding into north Shropshire.

    Managers at Sentinel say they are currently looking to recruit a new trainee supervisor who will go through a fast-track training programme with the aim of running the new operation.

    The company is currently looking at Market Drayton, Whitchurch and Wem as specific areas for expansion.

    Steve Harris, Sentinel’s managing director, said “It’s a really exciting opportunity to learn from senior director level management which the right person could make their own and join Sentinel as a member of a leading care provider breaking into new areas.

    “This is a 12-month training programme after which the successful applicant will be instrumental in setting up and running a second office based in north Shropshire or the Cannock area.

    “Sentinel’s top priority is providing the best possible care to our customers and we have an excellent in-house training programme to ensure our staff are able to do so.

    “This year-long process to introduce and train the right person in coordination, recruitment and quality systems while gaining qualifications in leadership and management seldom comes around.

    “Whoever we take on will get support in the role until they are comfortable, and will then become responsible for that area.

    “The opportunity is for a person who can demonstrate the commitment and values that when coupled with the training and experiences gained will ultimately enable us to provide a continued high level of care to more people who need it in our community.”

    Anyone thinking of applying for the position must have a full clean driving licence, have full access to their own vehicle and have previous experience working in care.

    Previous experience in a team leader role is desirable and the applicant must fully commit to the programme and work flexible hours.

  • New lease of life for cellar in family home
    14 Aug 2017

    Basement conversions are a great way to add space to properties where outdoor space for extensions is limited.

    A riverside property in Shrewsbury has been given a new lease of life by Shrewsbury construction company, Morris Property. The basement conversion has created extra living space with multi-level games and entertainment spaces and garden renovation.

    Morris Property were appointed as contractors for the project after agreeing innovative plans for the space with the client, who expressed the need for changes to the low level garden and unused cellar.

    Working closely with the client, Morris Property delivered practical solutions to bring the project to life, including a tri-level garden on a steel frame to ensure children have a level surface to play on. Morris Property also suggested laying astro turf as opposed to traditional turf for the garden due to its lighter weight on top of the garden’s framework.

    The home has been renovated to a high specification, incorporating building improvements, the implementation of new high-tech systems including a cinema room and smart lighting and landscaping to the external areas.

    Bicton-based Morris Joinery also provided their expertise and services with a new oak staircase and ballustrades leading down into the modernised cellar.

    Owner of the property Simon Cassidy, said: “We are so impressed with the finished result and have already enjoyed spending time in our new space together, along with a few parties! Morris Property interpreted our vision so well, listening to our wants and needs, and the quality of the workmanship is excellent throughout.”

    The family personally designed the interior of the property, incorporating the practical needs of the family with modern, luxury living and furnishings bringing to life the renovation they had been planning for some time.

    Steve Flavell, Construction Manager at Morris Property, said: “The team all enjoyed working on this project as it offered something a little different to the work we predominantly carry out, especially as they had to ensure the family could still function as a household whilst the work was being carried out.

    “We hope the family will enjoy their new space for years to come.”

    Morris Property is part of a fifth generation family business group working in property investment and management, new build residential and commercial developments and restoration schemes.

    For more information about the company and its services, visit

  • Change in opening hours at Household Recycling Centres
    01 Nov 2012
    Shrewsbury Household Recycling Centre at Battlefield

    Shropshire Council and their contractor Veolia are reminding residents about the change in opening hours at Household Recycling Centres (HRCs) across the county.

    From Thursday 1 November 2012, Shropshire Council’s HRCs will be opening from 9am until 5pm daily (with the exception of Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day when the sites are closed).  HRCs offer collection points for more than 30 different types of recyclable material across Shropshire - a much wider range of materials than can be collected at the kerbside.

    If people are bringing waste to the site in a large trailer or a van they will need a permit to gain access.  Please check the council’s website for details so you can plan your trip.

    Mike Owen, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member responsible for waste management, added:

    “This is normal practice for Shropshire Council’s HRCs in the winter, when the sites have less usage.”

    James Thompson
  • Rising motorcycling star Ross gets a helping hand from Crossbar
    09 Jul 2014

    A highly promising motorcyclist from Broseley who currently leads the way in a top national competition is the latest addition to a Shropshire sports coaching company's Fantastic Five.

    Crossbar Coaching Education in Sport want to give a helping hand to up and coming sporting talents around the county and Gavin Cowan, director of the company, said he was delighted to have now linked up with Ross Turner.

    The 10-year-old tops the leaderboard after four rounds of the British FAB Mini 50 GP Championships.

    He has ambitions to regularly compete in Spain next year as he works towards his ultimate dream of becoming a MotoGP rider.

    Ross joins Shrewsbury cyclist Beth Coupland and Telford youngster Mai-Lei King, who has made her mark nationally in Crossfit, as members of Crossbar's Fantastic Five.

    Crossbar director Gavin said: "Ross competes nationally in motorcycling and he's at the top of the rankings at the moment. He's only 10 but he's reaching speeds of up to 80mph.

    "His mum and dad are fantastic in the way they cater for his motorycyling needs and the finances that are involved, but he needs exposure to hopefully attract some sponsorship and we're able to give him that.

    "It's great to link in with Ross and we're looking forward to receiving regular updates on his exciting progress.

    "We can help with his nutrition and his hydration, provide a little bit of a different angle on what it takes for him to prepare for a race, and he's certainly got the potential to go places as he's a switched on young lad.

    "He's very focused, very determined and very passionate about what he does."

    Ross, a pupil at Barrow 1618 Church of England Primary Free School, has been competing since the age of six having started in Minimoto and simply loves the thrill of racing around a race track.

    Proud dad Simon said Ross had adjusted well since making the step up to battling it out for honours in the British FAB Mini 50 GP Championships.

    He won the opening three rounds of this year's championship at Llandow in South Wales, Shropshire's Rednal track and Rowrah in Cumbria to surge to the top of the leaderboard.

    He suffered a nasty fall in the opening race of round four at Red Lodge in Cambridgeshire last weekend but showed courage to quickly get back on a borrowed bike to complete the meeting.

    The next round of the championships will be held at Lydd in Kent on July 19 and 20 with three further rounds to follow as Ross chases title glory.

    Dad Simon added: "Kids like Ross who do this are all special as they all need to focus and be totally committed to what they do.

    "They need to be intelligent to take in all the things they need to do at the speeds they are racing.

    "He wants to be a MotoGP rider one day, that's his aim, and my job is to give him the tools to help him get there.

    "Ross has a very sensible head on his shoulders and as much as he loves racing he knows it's important he concentrates on doing his school work well so he has something to fall back on."

    Simon stressed he was pleased to now have the backing of Crossbar - Ross often attends the company's football coaching sessions - and insisted sponsorship was key to enabling his son to compete at the highest junior level.

    He said: "The plan next year is for Ross to compete in the Spanish CEV Championships in the Moto 4 class. That would involve racing on all the big circuits in Spain and going over there once a month.

    "We are trying to generate some sponsorship to help with that.

    "The more exposure we can get for Ross the better as he's competing already at a high level and it would be great to attract some more sponsorship."

    Pete White
  • Halloween Funfair & Market Returns to Shrewsbury Quarry
    25 Sep 2014

    A spooktacular Halloween market and funfair will return to Shrewsbury next month.

    The event, run by Asterley Events which also manages some of the popular markets in the town’s Square, will take place in the Quarry on October 25.

    Visitors will be able to explore more than 20 stalls selling local produce, food and gifts. There will also be fully licensed bar, provided by Tipples, a children’s entertainer and fairground attractions for all the family, provided by Stokes Funfairs.

    The Mayor of Shrewsbury, Councillor Beverley Baker, will also judge a Halloween-themed fancy dress competition at 5pm in the event tepee.

    The Halloween Funfair and Market will run from 12pm until 8pm and will culminate in a spectacular fireworks display at 8pm.

    Mike Cox, Outdoor Recreation & Asset Manager for Shrewsbury Town Council added: “Following on from the success of the inaugural Halloween Funfair and Market last year we are pleased to announce that the event will be back, bigger and better, for 2014. Preparations are well underway and we are looking forward to another busy event.”

    Pete White
  • Tattoo studio raising funds for Tanzanian hospitals
    05 Sep 2014
    Adorn tattoo and body-piercing in Shrewsbury town
    Staff at a Shrewsbury tattoo and body piercing studio are preparing to raise funds for a hospital and health centre in Tanzania.
    The team at the Adorn Studio of Grope Lane, have been inspired to launch their own fund-raising initiative, after one of them visited the Mafiga Health Centre in Tanzania and noticed the lack of hygienic yet inexpensive items such as medical gloves, sharps boxes and surface disinfectant.
    Throughout the duration of November, customers will have the opportunity to donate the cost of items to Adorn’s appeal. For example, medical gloves cost just £6 a box and face masks as little as £1.25 for 100! People can choose anti-bacterial gel at a mere £2.50 a bottle, or they may decide to donate the cost of disinfectant or sharps boxes.
    All of the donated items will be prepared on the shop floor, ready for immediate dispatch to the medical centres on Saturday November 29. This is also a dedicated day, where people can choose to be tattooed with a special one-off, to mark the occasion. Funds from these particular tattoos, will then be added to the appeal.
    Speaking of the fund-raising scheme, Aiden Johnson, Business Development Manager of Adorn said “We’ve been fortunate enough to have a personal insight into the working conditions of the centres - and we are even more fortunate, to actually be able to do something about their situations.” He added “The supplies that they so readily require are items that don’t cost a massive amount, though they will make a huge difference.”
    The two places which will benefit from the supplies donated by Adorn and it’s customers, are the Morogoro Regional Hospital and the Mafiga Health Centre, both in Tanzania.
    For more information on the fund-raising during November and to enquire about the tattoos available, call Adorn on 01743 343330 or visit them on Grope Lane in Shrewsbury town centre.
  • Tracing history of 5 Belmont
    23 Jul 2013
    Hive Shrewsbury - youth arts charity in Shropshire

    Staff at Shropshire youth arts charity the Hive are looking to fill in some gaps in the history of their unique town centre base on Belmont - and the appeal has been launched to the general public, whom it is hoped may have personal insights or old photographs to hand of the building throughout the decades.

    Whilst in 2013 the Hive is a thriving space for young people and the wider community with a diverse variety of events and projects; 5 Belmont would have begun life as a grand townhouse in the 1800s with an extensive garden and lots of period features, such as wood panelling, beautiful wooden staircases and stone fireplaces for example.

    It is also thought that like an adjoining premises on the corner of Belmont Bank, the stylish brick facade and stone doorway may have been added to the outside of a timber-framed building which is much older.

    Number 5 has a Grade listed frontage onto Belmont - however the majority of the current building is a large extension which was built in the 1960s, originally with a more sports orientated use - but now providing performance space, gallery area and studio spaces plus more.

    People across the region are encouraged to get in touch should they have any details at all of 5 Belmont before the building had it's current use as a community venue. Anyone with information of the property's history pre-1960s would be of particular interest - along with any photos or illustrations which local people may possess of the exterior or interior of the building alike.

    Habib Malik-Mansell of the Hive said "Lots of people know the Hive as a venue and with the current building set-up which we have with us today - but I think very few people realise that the first part of the building which fronts Belmont itself, would have been an 1800s townhouse."

    He added "I'm really interested to draw upon the knowledge of local people, to help us trace the history of the building from the 1800s to 1960s; wouldn't it be great for example, to know about the families who lived in it during it's early life!"

    Anyone who has a story to share about 5 Belmont, SY1 1TE which is now the Hive - previously Belmont Arts Centre and Shyan - are asked to email Habib direct on [email protected]

  • New book sheds light on Shrewsbury Drapers Company
    15 Aug 2017

    A book which sheds new light shed on a powerful Shropshire trading company is to be launched next month.

    The Shrewsbury Drapers Company 1462- 2017: The Legacy, by local historian Nigel Hinton, explores the 555-year history of the Shrewsbury Drapers Company from its establishment in 1462 by charter from Edward IV.

    Hinton’s detailed research uncovers how Shrewsbury’s merchants were way ahead of the game in how they used ‘livres’ to finance their international trade with Europe. Livres can be seen as the forerunners of today’s bitcoins.

    “It's a tale of wool, war and wealth with the early use of bitcoin and quantitative easing,” explains Nigel, a former master of the Shrewsbury Drapers Company.

    “The book demonstrates that there were no shrinking violets amongst the drapers of Shrewsbury. As middlemen they ruthlessly dominated the Welsh woollen cloth trade in the Marches region becoming the predominant guild of the region in the 15th and 16th centuries.

    “I bring some of these turbulent characters vividly to life. They lobbied parliament to give them a monopoly and when Parliament failed to oblige they created their own by refusing to buy wool from the Welsh markets, thus squeezing their competitors into submission.”

    The story concludes with chapters on the activities of today`s drapers, with their most important work remaining housing, including the provision of 25 new homes at Drapers Place, in Shrewsbury, opened this year.

    All profits from the book go to the Drapers Company.

  • Top stylist joins Shrewsbury salon
    31 Jul 2014

    A Shropshire salon has recruited one of the region’s leading stylists.

    Gary Smith has become the 20th member of the team at Toni & Guy in Castle Street, Shrewsbury.

    A former manager at Toni & Guy in Telford, Gary has also worked at a Midlands training academy teaching young hairdressers.

    “We are delighted to have Gary on board, he is one of the area’s most experienced and talented creative stylists and is passionate about training,” said Gavin Pulham, owner of Toni & Guy in Shrewsbury.

    “He has NVQ qualifications at levels two and three as well as being an NVQ assessor and has passed the very intense Toni & Guy cutting and colouring courses and has taken part in a range of competitions. We are very enthusiastic about training here and so it is a real coup to recruit Gary as our 20th member of staff.”

    Gary commented: “I am really pleased to be here in Shrewsbury. They seem like a fantastic team at the salon and have made me very welcome.

    “Everyone works to very high professional standard but there is also a warm, friendly and buzzing atmosphere which people appreciate.”

    Pete White
  • Shropshire barns restored as luxury country homes in joint scheme
    07 Aug 2017

    Two Shropshire fifth generation family businesses joined together on an extensive restoration scheme, now nearing completion, transforming an ancient redundant barn complex in rural Shropshire into six outstanding country homes of character.

    Shrewsbury-based Morris Property has refurbished the barns at English Frankton near Ellesmere to form six family homes in an 18 month restoration project.

    The Tudor Griffiths Group, a family business which has owned the land for generations, called on Morris Property and its specialist Morris Joinery team to give the disused barns a new lease of life as they were no longer suited to modern farming techniques.

    Tudor Griffiths supplied all the building materials from its own network of builders’ merchants and concrete plants across Shropshire and also the bespoke kitchens and bathrooms and quality finishes throughout.

    The three and four-bedroom homes will be made available to rent in the Autumn so people can live in a beautiful setting without the significant outlay of buying a country house.

    James West of Morris Property said: “The client has close connections to the site and wanted a sympathetic restoration which really did it justice. We have used our skills and experience to deliver homes of great quality which meet high modern standards while still retaining the buildings’ character.

    “We have kept as much of the existing structure as possible and re-used bricks and slate to preserve the feel and authenticity of the setting. Our joinery team has handmade all the internal and external joinery with bespoke windows and doors for all six homes.

    “The solid oak staircases for example have been crafted to last for several lifetimes and will look as good in 100 years’ time as they do now.”

    Tudor Griffiths, Managing Director, said: “Frankton Barns has been in our family for generations and it’s a proud moment for us to finally have the work completed on the barns. The quality of the workmanship throughout is superb and really adds to the spectacular views of the Shropshire countryside which makes the properties so special.

    “The Tudor Griffiths Group has been in operation for five generations, as has the Morris family, and having the opportunity to work on such a prestigious project together has been wonderful. The project really has been a joint effort and thanks to the skilled craftsmen from both sides, we have a stunning barn complex which we are immensely proud of.”

    Morris Property is a leading construction and development company with a 100 year heritage of creating new-build, contemporary developments and sensitively converting, restoring and refurbishing landmark buildings. Its joinery team of craftsmen offers a full range of domestic and commercial services.

  • Nice Night For Murder!!
    08 May 2017

    Not Dead Enough

    Theatre Severn

    Monday 8th- Saturday 13th May 2017

    It is probably fair to say with the National Front almost seizing power today in the French election, our political climate with Brexit and a General election, Corbyn and May slogging it out and everything else, there is nothing like a good murder to calm you down.

    If you were a Charlie Stubbs fan, before Tracey Barlow squished  his head in  with some tacky ornament, then this is the play for you. Really Bill Ward ( Charlie Stubbs in Corrie) is a Brighton detective. A detective: who not only having to deal with the disappearance of his own wife many years previous;  also has to see the population of Brighton slowly diminish one by one. Who is the killer? This is  Peter James’,  “Not Dead Enough”

    Ward’s sidekick Michael Quartey added a lighter side as he has his own unhappy marriage to deal with as well as a totally unpredictable boss who seemed to leave him hanging  at all points, It quickly looks like it is all going to be down to DS Roy Grace to sort it all out and try to reach a reasonable dénouement that will leave us all happy on the way home.

    Set in the cheery Brighton Mortuary and Brighton Police Station it was never going to be a laugh. Although there are some amusing lines dropped in to bring an element of reality about the script,they felt a little shoehorned in. James device is to introduce a little element of humanity to his script making the show all the better for it. Let’s face it a play where the majority of the action takes place in a mortuary is clearly going to be short on humour.  There is a humourous event near the start which will not be divulged  here, but mostly the text is sometimes a little bleak and mortuary- like throughout.

    Chief Mortician Cleo Morey is played handsomely by Laura Whitmore and there is a happening, which again for the sake of ruining it were you to go the plot will not be divulged, however there is an incident where her life becomes endangered. What happens to her? Go and find out. One can expect a great performance from Ms. Whitmore. She delivered.

    As did another Corrie bad boy Stephen Billington (AKA Corrie bad ‘un Greg Kelly) His performance calls for several skills of which he is more than able to deliver. He did and didn’t disappoint.

    There were some very clever points of design in this show, for example the split level set. This allowed a police officers office, an interview room and a mortuary and the show  slipped between them  offering no problems as it moved forward, briskly and smoothly. One was even impressed with tension building sounds, one would expect them on a telly show but theatre isn’t telly, whilst using sound to build tension has always been done on stage one can suggest that maybe in the past not as effectively as this show manages.

    On the negative one is bemused as to why director, Ian Talbot incorporated quite so many pointing movements. Mr. Ward would be delivering a line that might have a little bit of seriousness about it but he points so vehemently and inappropriately that one started to pity poor old Glenn Branson, Grace’s long suffering right hand man. The director's hand pushed a little heavy.

    This is a good play offering up a well-rehearsed and impressive cast. It has its appropriate share of Red Herrings and although this critic guessed whodunit (well nearly!) it may well be advisable to pop along to Theatre Severn this week and try and beat DS Grace as you solve the mystery yourself. It would be interesting to know the percentage of who never guessed at all, who half guessed and who was right all along. I should think that would be a difficult statistic to collect as the audience was just too big. Clearly things are going well!

    This Is a Four Star Review

    Owen J Lewis

    Owen Lewis
  • Best Ofsted Inspection ever for Shrewsbury College
    14 Jul 2014

    Shrewsbury College staff are delighted to have received the news Ofsted has graded the College Good across all curriculum areas inspected – the best results the College has ever seen.

    Ofsted visited last month and inspected Health & Social Care and Early Years, Engineering, Motor Vehicle, Hairdressing, Beauty & Therapies, Performing Arts and Media and Business - all were graded Good.

    Principal of Shrewsbury College, Steve Wain, said: “I believe I can speak for everyone who works at Shrewsbury College when I say we are delighted to have achieved the best Ofsted inspection results ever. The thorough report highlights significant strengths across all areas of the College.

    “We are particularly pleased that the inspectors have recognised that not only have we made steady improvements since the last inspection, but our capacity for future improvement is regarded as strong. We are very proud that they recognised that we focus clearly on the needs of our students and the community we serve.”

    In the summary of Key Findings the report said: “Teaching and learning have improved significantly and are now good as a result of the strong management of staff performance, combined with a well-planned approach to using lesson observations to help teachers reflect on and develop their skills.”

    Other areas that were highly praised included that

    • senior leaders and managers have a clear focus on developing students’ employability skills in lessons and through a wide range of imaginative and successful extra-curricular activities
    •  teachers pay good attention to the development of students’ English and maths skills in lessons
    • students benefit from the good and ‘innovative’ development and use of information and learning technology (ILT)
    • the College has “strong partnerships with schools, employers and the local community are working well to benefit students.”

    The quality of teaching, learning and assessment reported that teachers had high expectations of students and apprentices, irrespective of their previous educational achievement or personal barriers to learning and that they are “challenged” to achieve high grades.

    The Ofsted report states that leadership and management at the College are good. “The Principal, senior managers and governors have a clear and well-reasoned strategic plan, focusing clearly on the needs of students and the local community. Their drive and enthusiasm has led to steady improvements since the last inspection with a strong capacity for future developments” it said.

    Other areas highlighted included the ambitious new building and refurbishment projects which aim to improve the campus and provide modern facilities offering enterprising opportunities for students.

    Mr Wain added: “The College was assessed at being Grade 3 in regards to Outcomes for Learners, but the report does recognise that this is based on historic three year data rather than what is happening now. It also praises areas including the high proportion of young people achieving their qualifications at Level 3 and says that initiatives introduced by the College to develop students’ employability skills, both in lessons and through work placements, have been largely successful to exposing students to the world of work in a number of different ways. Over 90% of young people leaving the College last year had a positive outcome in terms of their recorded destinations.

    “I would also like to highlight that our Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) provision with Edge Hill University was recently also inspected by Ofsted and was graded as Outstanding. I want to pass on my sincere congratulations to the expert teaching staff in that area who have worked hard to attain this result and all our staff across the College.”

    The College is holding an Advice Evening tomorrow at London Road, from 5pm to 7pm which is open to all learners to drop in and find out more about courses.

    Pete White
  • Martial arts venture launch ...
    26 Jul 2017

    County launch for martial arts venture …

    A Shropshire man has called on his decade’s experience as a close protection officer and doorman to launch a unique new business venture in the county.

    Ravi Shergill, of Telford, has studied most disciplines of martial arts for many years and now, following months of individual one-to-one training, has become an international instructor for the Defence Lab martial arts system, gaining his Black Belt.

    Defence Lab is a Global network of self defence and fitness facilities and was formed by UK-born friend of the stars Andy Norman, a renowned martial arts expert, who has been involved with training many Hollywood blockbuster movies working personally with action heroes such as Daniel Craig, Tom Cruise, Liam Neeson and the late Heath Ledger, who played the Joker in the Batman.

    Ravi has been personally training with Andy Norman for the past four years and will complete his journey by being the first to have a franchise of the Defence Lab operation in this region, initially online with video tutorials, but with dedicated training sessions to be hosted at Telford College of Arts and Technology in Wellington.

    Currently working as a security officer, Ravi formerly worked as a door security official in Shropshire, Wolverhampton, Birmingham and London and at major venues throughout the UK for many years, also gaining close-protection qualifications and working with high profile businessmen and celebrities, and many well-known stars including David Hasselhoff.

    Ravi, commented: “I have studied most forms of martial arts since my youth including Krav-maga - as used by Israeli defence forces - and full-contact mixed martial arts (MMA) alongside Thai Boxing, SAVATE and KFM, but Defence Lab techniques have proved to be a revelation and the answer to my prayers.

    “I am thrilled to be fully qualified as an international instructor and to be launching this new business venture, enabling me to pass on my training skills and help students to achieve their own goals and ambitions through first class methodology.

    “The Defence Lab principle is different to the traditional style of martial arts that people are used to and I urge them just to give it a try. They can come along to free trial gym-based classes at TCAT where the superb facilities include air conditioning, showers, changing rooms and free parking or I can provide personal tuition anywhere for groups or individuals.”

    Further details can be obtained from or call 0800 7720784.

    PICTURED:  Ravi Shergill (RIGHT) with Defence Lab creator Andy Norman.

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