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  • 4 Reasons to Advertise Your Business with Custom Postcards
    15 Jun 2017

    When you check the mail and notice that there’s a business postcard present, you probably have to do a double take - that’s how seldom this form of advertising is being utilized anymore. And while you might be able to reach a large volume of customers by sending out emails, you won’t be getting that high of a click through rate. The fact is that consumers respond best to advertisements when they aren’t expecting them. This is why you still see billboards up along the highway and some companies still send out holiday cards during the winter. If you are going to make your own postcard for business purposes keep reading for four reasons why it’s a good idea.

    1. Making a Direct Connection

    With any form of advertising there is a correct and incorrect way of doing things. Send out personalized business postcards that are addressed to your clients directly and you will get a highly favorable response. On the other hand, if you just send out generic postcards that don’t have catchy text, you won’t get any increased sales at your place of business.

    2.  Doing More of What Works

    Send a postcard to your customers that enables them to get a discount on a product or service, and you will see many of them coming in the day after they receive them with the postcards physically in their hands. If you encourage your customers to consider postcards that come from your business as important, they will start to expect them. In other words, this is just a very effective form of advertising that has been around for over one hundred years.

    3. Keep Your Customer Contacts Up to Date

    So, how exactly is a business to know when it has valid contact information for an existing or prospective customer? Email is the most convenient method, but it is also not all that reliable. In fact, most people have several email accounts that they might not check regularly. You can also call consumers, but that will cause a lot of confusion in most cases if they aren’t expecting your call. Remember that people check the mail when they feel like it, so they’re rarely irritated when receiving a piece of mailing from a business that they are familiar with.

    4. It Actually Works

    You might be sending custom business postcards to clients to remind them of appointments or to offer them additional savings on their next purchase. Whatever the reason is, you can anticipate a higher response rate with customized mailers than with emails or a website alone. Consumers know that you have to go out of your way to design a business postcard, have an appropriate number printed up and then spend money to mail them out, and they also appreciate the personal touch.

    Regardless of the size of your business budget, postcard mailings are affordable. Even if you can only send out a few dozen at a time to satisfied customers, you can enjoy an immediate return on investment if you are methodical. So, stop sending out email after email and do something for your customers that will inspire real engagement.

    Pete White
  • New statistics show that Shropshire house prices have grown, but not at the same rate as the national average
    28 Sep 2017

    New statistics for property prices in 2017, show that the house prices in Shropshire have grown. However, they also reveal that Shropshire still falls behind the national average. Whilst there is something to celebrate in the rising house prices, there is still a lot of room for improvement. This is something that Shropshire property owners should bear in mind if they are looking to sell their home. If you find yourself in this position, you will need to read on. Below are three ways for you to increase the value of your property.

    Embrace the world of DIY

    If you are looking to save money when you are preparing to sell your property, you should embrace the world of DIY. Why not invest in a basic tool kit? This is a great way to get started and to be prepared for all of the tasks ahead. You could look online for simple YouTube tutorials that will help you to do anything from putting up a shelf to tiling your bathroom. If you are not ready to dive in at the deep end, you could always focus on the cosmetic aspects of your property. Anyone is capable of doing a spot of painting or giving their home a deep clean. If you are struggling to know where to start, you should write a clear list of everything that needs to get done. Then, decide what you can do yourself and what you will need a little help with.

    Be clever about your purchases

    A lot of potential buyers will be swayed by the interior design of your home. You may want to consider giving your property a little facelift. If you decide to do this, you will need to be clever about your purchases. Whatever you do, don’t break the bank. This will make it impossible for you to get a good return on your investment. Instead, look for generous reductions. For instance, you could visit Rug Zone to inject some colour and comfort into your home. The best thing about finding a great deal is that you are getting quality items at a reasonable price. Although it is great to invest in the aesthetic of your property, you don’t want to go overboard. Limit yourself to a few essential pieces. This will allow your potential buyers to imagine their own furniture in your home.

    Have a clear financial plan

    If you are concerned about your finances, you will need to have a clear financial plan for your renovations. Try to be as specific as possible. Don’t just set yourself a budget for each room. Instead, work out the finances for each individual purchase. This will prevent things from getting out of hand. You should also have an emergency fund for any nasty surprises. If you are investing in substantial building work, you may find that unexpected problems arise. Reduce your stress levels by thinking ahead.

    Pete White
  • How to Design a Kids' Room that They Will Love
    02 Aug 2017

    When you first bring home your new bundle of joy, chances are you've already created a beautiful nursery for them to call their own. And while this room is perfect for them at this stage, there comes a point when your little one is ready for the next step in bedroom décor. If you’re well past due on creating that big kids room, and you’re looking for some design inspiration, you’ll appreciate these tips on how to create a kids’ room they will love.

    Choose the Right Theme

    One of the ways you can go about designing that perfect space for your child is to pick a theme, but remember it has to be the right theme. It’s best to think about the child’s interests, hobbies, and their personality.

    Perhaps your child is a big sports fan. If that’s the case, then it’s a natural and fun theme to go with. You can deck the room out in sports memorabilia from sites such as Nike NFL UK. You can even get creative and do things such as shadow boxes for jerseys and gloves, frames for trading cards and posters, and even stands for things such as a prized football.

    Choosing the right theme will make all the difference in the world and will help to personalize the space.

    Don't Hold Back on the Bedding

    Where you may be inclined to choose bedding that is more neutral and subdued for your own room, for a kid’s room it's go big or go home. The bedding is the perfect spot to go bold with colors, textures, and patterns. Don’t be afraid to mix and match and really get creative with the look. You can always pick a more neutral paint color if you don’t want the room looking too busy.

    Give Them Multi-Functional Storage

    Of course, from a practical standpoint, storage is an absolute must in any child’s room. With that said, there’s no reason it can’t be multi-functional. You can find beds with storage drawers, bench seating with storage under it, closet organizers that are great for clothing and toys, and convert a typical bookshelf into one that houses storage bins of different sizes and colors.

    Frame Their Art

    Instead of spending a fortune on framed pictures, why not take your child's own creations and frame them? Not only is this inexpensive, but your child will feel so proud seeing their own art framed on the wall. Once you choose a theme for the room, they can go ahead and create pictures that will work with the theme.

    Encourage Them to Be Involved

    The last tip is to encourage children to be involved in the process. This includes everything from picking the theme, to choosing the paint color, the bedding, and any accent pieces. Giving them the chance to share their own input will help ensure they are happy with the final design. Chances are high that the end result will be a room they feel comfortable and happy in, and can’t wait to spend their time in.

    Pete White
  • Charity appeal for furever home for rescue dog
    15 Oct 2018

    A volunteer-run dog charity is appealing for a local home for one of their rescue dogs in need of a caring owner. 

    Finding Furever Homes, who sponsor kennels near Shrewsbury, Shropshire, are calling on dog lovers in the surrounding areas to come forward and give Chica, one of their rescue dogs, a ‘furever’ home.

    Chica, an eight-year-old Staffordshire bull-terrier, suffers from a condition called spondylosis, which affects her spine and makes her hind legs weak. Since coming into the care of Finding Furever Homes, the charity has been paying for all her veterinary bills, including hydrotherapy to help build up her strength.

    As Chica needs to continue with her treatment plan, which also includes physiotherapy and medication, the charity is looking for a home near to the Shrewsbury/Telford area. They will provide advice and financial help to the new owners, including the cost of pain relief for Chica.

    Andrea Newton, trustee for Finding Furever Homes, said: “Before she came to us Chica had been carrying pain for a long time. Thankfully, due to her ongoing treatment, there’s no reason Chica can’t live the full and happy life she deserves. All she needs now is a loving owner.”

    Due to her physical condition, Chica only requires gentle exercise such as walking or swimming, and would benefit from a quieter home where she can be the centre of attention. She can be worried around other dogs, but is well adjusted with cats.

    While the charity is looking for a new home for Chica, those who would like to help but cannot adopt her can instead contribute to her treatment by visiting her JustGiving page.

  • A Right Royal Pageant for Queen
    10 Jul 2012
    Diamond Jubilee Pageant at Cosford

    'Love Shrewsbury' focuses on Shrewsbury - but with the Queen on her way to Shropshire this week, it's a Royal reason for making an exception!

    Final preparations are now under way for a spectacular pageant to celebrate The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee at RAF Cosford. More than 35,000 people are expected at the event on Thursday 12th July 2012.

    The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh are due to attend as part of their Diamond Jubilee Tour across the nation, and the event will feature singing, music and a colourful procession over half a mile long, made up of 5,000 schoolchildren!

    Over 35,000 people registered for free tickets and motorists are therefore being warned to expect some traffic congestion on the roads around RAF Cosford during the morning of Thursday 12 July.

    Gates will open at 8am, and people can enter the site at any time, with activities due to start at 9am and the “Reignbow” procession taking place at 1.40pm.

    Live information will be posted on the event’s Twitter feed @ShropshireDJP using the hashtag #jubileeshrops. 

    There is also a Facebook page at where people can share pictures and videos on the day. itself

    The free event is being organised by a team led by the Lord Lieutenant of Shropshire, involving Shropshire Council, Telford & Wrekin Council, RAF Cosford and the RAF Cosford Museum, amongst others.

    The Lord Lieutenant of Shropshire, Mr Algernon Heber-Percy, said “We are all very excited about the day and hope everyone will have a wonderful time.  A huge amount of work has gone into organising the event and the spectacular procession, so we are all praying for good weather. We have been delighted that so many people have registered for tickets to come along."

    “Gates open at 8am, activities will be taking place all day from 9am, and the pageant procession will start at 1.40pm, so we are hoping there will be a steady stream of activity across the site during the morning.”

    Activities will run from 9am to 5pm, featuring demonstrations from Shropshire’s industrial, commercial and agricultural expertise in a “Showcase Hangar”, and musicians and singers will be performing on an outdoor stage throughout the day.

    The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh will be hosted at a reception at the RAF Museum, which will be closed to the public during the day, before being driven through the crowds to watch the spectacular Reignbow Procession.

    For more details go to the event website at:

  • Bin men donate their bonus to charity
    18 Nov 2013
    variety charity logo

    Staff from the local Veolia depot (who pick up your household bins on behalf of Shropshire Council) have donated their bonus to Variety, the Children’s Charity.  The men could have spent the money on something for themselves, but instead opted to donate £1,000 to the worthy cause. The men decided on the charitable deed, after Veolia announced that it was supporting Variety nationally.

    Speaking at the cheque presentation, Steve McGarrity said: “We were delighted that our employer has agreed for us to donate our bonus to the children’s charity.  It’s a cause close to our heart.

    Colleen Ettridge from the charity said: “We are very grateful for the donation. It is especially heart warming to hear that the guys sacrificed a treat for themselves to give their bonus to Variety to help improve the lives of children.  The donation is well received and we thank them for their support.”

    The staff were awarded their bonus for having no accidents or lost time injuries for 18 months.  The men hope that their money will help children in need across the West Midlands.

    James Thompson
  • Severn Magazine Issue 9
    11 Dec 2012

    Issue 9 of the Severn Magazine.

  • Tickets available for great event to support Dogs Trust Roden
    07 Jan 2013

    Great event to support The Dogs Trust at Roden . 


    BOOK EARLY: Dogs Trust Shrewsbury is taking bookings for a Burns Night celebration at the centre on January 26th!

    Doors open at 6:30pm for a light Burns supper of haggis, neaps and tatties (veggie options available!) followed by a lively ceilidh!

    Tickets are £10 per person and include supper, a "wee dram" and dancing, with all proceeds helping the dogs in our care.

    Come and Join in the fun at Dogs Trust
Shrewsbury, help us raise pounds for hounds.

    To book now, call 01952 770225.


  • Gypsy Jazz Welcomed By Shrewsbury Crowd.
    12 Oct 2018

    The Robin Nolan Trio

    Walker Theatre

    Friday October 12th

    Living proof that you can improve on perfection; After a perfect start this Gypsy Jazz trio just got better and better.

    Initially here’s a quick glance of the genre. Gypsy Jazz is a unique sound fusing Jazz Music with Blues with folk with pop. Played on guitars and maybe violin and trumpet, it is a fast, pacey and exciting sound. Like all jazz Robin’s music is layered, starting with the main theme there is then room to play with the theme take it off piste and bring it all back for inspection at the end. It is possibly the most free(ish) of styles. This in return engenders a beautiful assault on your senses. Audibly of course utterly beautiful but with eyes closed it conjures up festivals, colours and fun, people, laughter, dancing and joy.  To listen to the guitars working in syncopation with the bass or the two guitars squeezing every possible note out of a phrase is amazing. In other words Gypsy Jazz is a happy and utterly satisfying sound.

    So who brought this amazing music to Walker theatre you may ask? Let me tell you that since Django Reinhardt, the Robin Nolan Trio is classed as the greatest exponent of Gypsy Jazz today.

    Although English to a Liverpudlian father, Robin has made Amsterdam his home where there is a great tradition of this genre and style. However one learns although Robin might be English his story places him all over the world in the company of some truly amazing people, including George Harrison and Ravi Shankar.  He told his stories very humbly as he stood flanked by Shrewsbury’s greatest Gypsy Jazz guitarist, Chris Quinn, and the incredibly dextrous double bass of Dutch man, Arnoud Van Den Berg.

    This act is lively, hopelessly infectious and just so joyous. To hear individual notes so wonderfully presented is like seeing bees leaving the hive, they may be back they may not but whilst they are on the air they doing the most remarkable dance with all the other notes that Chris and Arnoud were producing. One could experience this wonderful coming together of sounds and harmonics.

    Although Chris provided the solid rhythm like an engine to the whole thing, he too would be throwing in harmonics and little riffs that coupled with Robin’s beautifully selected notes and Arnoud’s totally faultless bass playing. What it created was  a spectacular sundae of delight.

    However, just when one suspected it couldn’t get any better, it did. Quick change of gear enter Antony Stevens, normally the music teacher at Concord College; when the trio were playing at Concord they kind of found him and more so his golden trumpet. Unrehearsed, they asked would he jam in on their gig at Walker Theatre and he consented.

    So call it serendipitous there was a meet that was just so supposed to happen. Antony's trumpet was just perfect. Offering the velvet guise of respectfulness, a break from the decadence the speakeasy feel jazz can create perhaps, but this man was born to play Gypsy Jazz on his trumpet and play he did. With notes from the top of his head and the heels of his boots,  Antony ran along the musical bed so beautifully. He earned his mid-tune applause for sure.

    I do believe Shrewsbury can be proud of Chris Quinn, he has toured Europe and The States and achieved a name for himself, he is bringing top musicians into the town and he deserves every drop of fame that comes his way as do the other two. I would say the other three but Mr. Stevens didn’t mention his dream of quitting teaching for ever and running away with the Gypsy Musicians. But if he did, he would belong to this generous genre as much as it belongs to him!

    This show is simple in production simple to set up, one would imagine three chairs in a large space might look slightly insignificant. Not a bit of it these boys filled that stage with sound and happiness. Robin’s fingers worked like spider-lings, just so fast and everywhere. There wasn’t a place on the fret board he didn’t know and he can magically find the notes, gift wrap them and deliver them to a very grateful crowd, who at the end, every man jack of them were on their feet calling for more.

    This is a pocket sized show of power. When one gets to watch the best exponents of something more than a performance occurs. It’s a blur, one can’t see where man ends and guitar starts such is the skill of this little but powerfully built combi. If you ever get chance to see them I strongly suggest you should. This is a genre so joyous and such fun. Life was tough for the Gypsies but my how they knew how to play!

    This is a Five Star Review

    Owen J Lewis

    Owen Lewis
  • New Shrewsbury 6 week Ballroom & Latin American dance course for absolute beginners!
    22 Aug 2017

    Ever wanted to learn to dance like the stars from Strictly? This fun and enjoyable 6 week course for absolute beginners provides an introduction to Ballroom and Latin-American dancing. You'll get to grips with the basics and learn some simple routines for dances such as the wonderful Waltz and the cheeky Cha Cha Cha. All adults welcome, no partner required! All for only £35 per person for 6 weeks.

    Course location:
    Meole Brace School Hall, Longden Rd, Shrewsbury, SY3 9DW
    (Free parking)

    Course dates: (Tuesday evenings)
    5th, 12th, 19th, 26th September and 3rd,10th October

    Course time:
    7:30 - 8:30pm

    Places are limited, please book now to avoid disappointment!

    The course will be taught by professional dance teacher Ross Millar, owner of Step By Step Dance Instruction. Ross was previously a top competitor in Ballroom and Latin American dancing, acheiving top 25 in Ballroom dance the UK. Since hanging up his competitive shoes, Ross has run Ballroom & Latin American dance classes in Shropshire over the last 3 years for both adults and children. He also teaches private lessons, wedding dances, and trains competitors.

    Please contact us with any questions, or to book a place on the course, by emailing [email protected], or message us on facebook See our website

    Come and join us for some Strictly fun!

  • Review: The Phoenix Singers delights audience at St Chad’s Church Shrewsbury 26.11.2016
    03 Dec 2016
    Review: The Phoenix Singers delights audience at St Chad’s Church Shrewsbury 26.11.2016

    The Phoenix Singers of Shrewsbury, have a long history of good performance and last night’s concert at St Chad’s Church in Shrewsbury under the direction of Richard Walker was no exception. The Phoenix Orchestra lead by Paul Bramwell matched well the 40 strong choir and the accompaniment balanced at all times.

    Haydn’s great chorus Insanae et Vanae Curae assures an incisive start and the moods of disquiet and serenity lie alternately.  We heard immediately the sensitive phrasing of both singers and orchestra which was to be the hallmark of the evening.  These two special passages are some of my favourite in all music and they have to be right!

    Benjamin Britten was conveniently born on St. Cecilia’s Day, 22nd November.     Hymn to St. Cecilia has a lovely benign opening with succeeding refrains which belie the difficulties elsewhere, requiring high vocal skills in terms of intonation, breath control and diction.   The choir proved up to this as did the four soloists within the choir, each portraying a different instrument.

    Endearing was Purcell’s Coronation verse anthem My Heart is Inditing. Delights of Purcell include his unexpected and attractive twists of harmony which the choir negotiated with consummate ease.

    The highlight of the evening was Haydn’s late Maria Theresa Mass in which the Phoenix Singers were joined by four excellent professional soloists, Natalie Clifton-Griffith, Imogen Garner, Ian Yemm and Richard Moore.   The whole performance of this work exuded enthusiasm and confidence.   The final movement Agnus Dei is not normally the most exuberant part of the liturgy, but here Haydn seems be smiling at the thought of a job well done!  I hope all performers in this concert felt the same way because we the audience had a delightful evening.

    Reviewer                                                                       Michael Davey

    ​About Phoenix Singers of Shrewsbury

    • The Phoenix Singers were founded in 1965 and Richard Walker will be celebrating his 5th anniversary as conductor in January 2017.
    • The choir sings all the main choral repertoire but has also gained a reputation for innovative programming and commissioning new work from well-known composers
    • Next year both concert dates for diary include 25th March and 6th October 2017 at St Chad’s Church Shrewsbury.
    • Also we are singing a “Come and Sing” Mozart’s Requiem at Chirbury Church
    • See for more information.
    • For more information contact Connie Drinkwater Publicity Officer email:  [email protected]
  • Dens, Birds,Wood Carving and Bows & Arrows
    08 Jun 2013

    Hawkstone Park Follies is set for an action-packed Father’s Day this Sunday 16th June 2013. The historic woodland fantasy in Shropshire with its cliffs, crags and caves makes it a unique setting for adventurous dads to spend quality time with their little explorers.

    Visitors can test their survival skills with den building activities taking place by the 200-year-old monument nestled in Hawkstone’s parkland– climb to the top and it’s possible to see across 13 counties on a clear day. Local tree surgeon and outdoors enthusiast JoffreyWatson will be showcasing his skills with a chainsaw, creating giant animal carvings and sculptures.

    A bird of prey experience will also be taking place, giving families thechance to get up close and personal to magnificent feathered friends including owls and hawks. Dads and little ones (not forgetting mum!) can also try their hand at archery, with instruction given by one of the park’s wardens.

    Park Manager Caroline Wellon says, “Father’s Day at The Follies is all about going back to basics and enjoying time away from the hustle and bustle in the great outdoors. Aside from our programme of activities, families can enjoy anything from a spot of birdwatching to a picnic in the park. We’re very much looking forward to the weekend and are keeping our fingers crossed for the sunshine!”.

    The park is open from 10am to 5pm seven days a week (last admission 3pm on the gate). Tickets are priced adult £7.00; child £4.50; concession £6.00. Family tickets are £22.00 (2 adults + 2 children) and £25.00 (2 adults + 3 children). Father’s Day activities are at no extra cost, except the archery priced at £2 for 6 arrows.

    Please note that due to the nature of the terrain, much of The Follies is unsuitable for pushchairs and wheelchairs.

    Information is also available by calling 01948 841777 or visiting

    Pete White
  • Source design for Timberkits
    26 Nov 2015

    Shrewsbury-based agency Source, which specialises in creative and digital marketing, has completed the first phase of a major packaging and online overhaul for a mid-Wales company that will see its products displayed in Harrods and Hamleys stores in London next year.

    Timberkits, based at Llanbrynmair in Powys, recently secured funding for expansion after appearing on television’s Dragon’s Den programme, where fashion tycoon Touker Suleyman invested £40,000 for a 30% stake in the business.

    Founded in 1998, Timberkits produces wooden models sold in kit form and has increased its product line-up to face an expanding world export market.

    Sarah Reast, managing director of Timberkits, said: “The brief was to streamline and broaden the appeal of our packaging design and to produce an easy to navigate website which clearly displayed our products yet adhered strictly to our ethos as an approachable family company.

    “One of the many things that impressed us about Source was that in addition to their 360 degree business approach and willingness to get involved beyond normal service levels, they ensured that we have total control of our website through their own comprehensive Content Management System which is incredibly easy to use and gives us the ability to make changes as and when we require.”

    Source MD Sally Tringham added: “The team here at Source have been delighted to work with such a prestigious company as Timberkits. They are a really creative and forward-thinking client and we have developed a highly successful working partnership with them.”

    PICTURED: Sarah Reast and Louise Willis of Timberkits with Sally Tringham and web developer Kit Boyd-Evans of Source, with the new website and packaging.

  • The Woodland Walk
    25 Sep 2012

    Time: 2 hours Approx     distance: 5 miles

    Woodland walks are always a firm favourite with my readers and this is a lovely walk at any time of the year with my lead off for much of it. Along the way you get to see the very impressive remains of Haughmond Abbey. Bow wow wow!

    1. Parking by the Corbett Arms walk straight over the road and down a public footpath then over stile. Walk to the opposite side of field following the Shropshire Way and pass over a bridge into another field. Here you can have your lead off providing there are no farm animals around.

    2. Continue to follow the path over the bridge with the stream underneath and walk through a field, over a stile and through a bushy area again picking up the path and then turn right which leads you into the woodland which is run by the Forestry Commission.

    3. At a fork turn left and follow yellow signs through woods until you hear traffic from a busy road. At this point you need your lead on.

    4. Cross the road turning left then immediately right and enter into Abbey Wood. You can see the impressive English Heritage site of Haughmond Abbey in front of you.

    5. Walking left into a field of farm animals and around the left hand side of the Abbey over stiles where necessary you get a breathtaking view of the former Augustinian Abbey. You can choose to pay to go in visit for further information.

    6. When you have walked through the stiles and to the top of a slight bank turn left into the Coppice (not onto Shropshire Way) and here you can have your lead off. Follow the path through the Coppice and at the end of the Coppice you will arrive at some gates. Take the left hand gate and walk across the field keeping the Coppice you have just walked through to your left.

    7. Entering a field on your right you will find another metal gate and walk past the works with a fence to your right and continue down the path turning right at the bottom and then right through another metal gate where you need your lead on.

    8. When through gate with wharf cottage across the road in front of you turn to the left and you will arrive back to your start point. Corbett Arms welcome dogs in their extensive beer garden to the back of the property.

  • Fantastic Local Dog Walk From Our Friend Boomerang
    17 Jul 2012


    1 1/4 miles – less than an hour

    This is a lovely walk with no traffic worries for dogs and children as you walk around the site of the Battle of Shrewsbury 1403.

    The battle was one of the bloodiest conflicts ever to take place on British soil and as many as 5000 men are thought to have died. Along the walk are interesting information points which tell you why, when and who was involved.

    With a small detour towards the end of the route you can find out more at the free visitor centre at Battlefield 1403. The added bonus is that you can browse around the farm shop, butchery and tea room. Dogs are restricted to outside areas but are given a warm welcome and there are plenty of water bowls.

    Whilst there you can visit Tilly the English Pointer at the Battlefield Falconry centre.

    1.Park at the Battlefield Heritage site (note there are vehicle height restrictions) PostcodeSY4 3DB. Walk a short distance to a wooden gate and when you pass through take a left. From here you can walk your dogs (and kids!) off a lead if you choose.

    2. Follow the path as you walk around the Battlefield, through gates under the pylons. By the large oak tree there is information regarding the Battle.

    3. Keep following the path until you arrive at a little gate. Keep left and follow your nose through some woodland. Walk through a second gate to arrive at a field.

    4. You will arrive at the beautiful, yet redundant, St Mary Magdalenes church which was built in 1406 as a memorial to those who lost their lives. It is from here that you can detour to the Battlefield 1403 visitor centre by crossing the churchyard and field.

    5. Alternatively, keep following the path until you arrive at a bridge and taking the left hand gate walk into a field which is perfect for a spot of ball throwing! Walk through the gate on the opposite side and take a left to arrive back at your start point.

    Boomerang the dog, also known as J K Growling, and his owner Karen Lloyd write a series of dog-friendly walk books including a book for Shrewsbury and surrounding areas.

  • Roast Pumpkin Lasagne Recipe
    30 Oct 2013
    roast pumpkin

    Every year, over six million pumpkins are sold in the UK, 99% of which are used solely for making Halloween lanterns and the vast majority are thrown out as soon as the event is over.  This means that just in Shrewsbury around 9,000 pumpkins will be used - generating about 40 tonnes of waste pumpkins come November 1st.

    But it doesnt have to be this way - all parts of the pumpkin can be eaten.  So to help inspire you to waste less our partners at Love Food Hate Waste have supplied this cracking lasagne recipe to turn your pumpkin inners into a comforting meal. It is surprisingly simple, and very seasonal.


    • 75ml olive oil
    • 500g pumpkin flesh, diced
    • cayenne pepper
    • paprika
    • freshly grated nutmeg
    • Salt and pepper
    • Rosemary
    • 225g ricotta chese
    • 50g butter
    • 50g flour
    • 350ml milk
    • 250g fresh raw lasagne
    • 35g freshly grated Parmesan cheese


    1.Heat the olive oil in a roasting dish, add the pumpkin flesh and season with the cayenne, paprika, nutmeg and a little salt and freshly ground black pepper.  Add the fresh rosemary, place into a pre heated oven set at gas mark 6/200C/400F and cook for an hour until the flesh is tender.
    2.Add the ricotta cheese and mix through, remove from the heat and leave to infuse.
    3.Make a white sauce by melting the butter, adding the flour and mixing together.  Cook gently over a low heat and slowly add the milk, stirring to ensure that the sauce is smooth. Season.
    4.Cover the base of an ovenproof dish with a little of the sauce, add a layer of the lasagne and top with the pumpkin mixture. Repeat with another layer of each and top with the parmesan cheese.
    5.Bake in the oven for about 10 minutes until the top is golden brown.

    For more recipes and ideas to help you save money and waste less food visit

    James Thompson
  • Galliers Homes serves up support for The Shrewsbury Club’s tennis performance programme
    23 Jan 2018

    The Shrewsbury Club’s successful performance programme for promising young tennis players has attracted the support of a local company.

    Shrewsbury-based Galliers Homes has agreed a deal to sponsor the programme, which helps develop the game of up and coming tennis aces from around the county and further afield.

    Dave Courteen, the managing director of The Shrewsbury Club, said: “We are delighted that Galliers Homes are the new sponsors of our performance squads. 

    "Our dedicated team of coaches work hard to develop the tennis of all the youngsters they work with and we are very proud of our performance programme.

    “It caters for more than 100 players between the ages of five and 18 who train between one and four times a week on the club’s courts.”

    He added: “It’s fantastic that Galliers, a local company renowned for building quality homes at great locations throughout Shropshire, has recognised the quality of our performance programme and are now involved.

    “Three players from the programme in the last year alone have secured four-year tennis scholarships at American colleges, which we are delighted about, and the support of Galliers Homes will only help the programme to continue to flourish.”

    Danielle Goffe-Wood, the marketing manager at Galliers Homes, added: “We are always delighted to support young talent and look forward to helping The Shrewsbury Club’s performance programme become even more successful.”

    Players from the performance programme recently took part in the Galliers Homes Christmas Open at The Shrewsbury Club.

    More than 400 players entered the tournament which was held over 13 days, with various age groups from eight and under upwards.

    Thomas Loxley, a local player, eventually beat Jordan Evans in the 18 and under boys singles final.

    Simon Haddleton, director of tennis at The Shrewsbury Club, said: “It was a fantastic tournament and one of the largest for junior players in the country with more than 400 entries.

    “It was pleasing that 45 players from our own performance programme took part and the quality of tennis was excellent.”

    The Shrewsbury Club has 14 tennis courts, six indoors and eight outdoors, and hosts two popular international professional tournaments each year. 

    Pictured: Thomas Loxley, centre, the winner of the 18 and under boys event at the Galliers Homes Christmas Open, with, left, runner-up Jordan Evans, and, right, Adam Wharf, the lead coach for The Shrewsbury Club’s performance programme.  

  • The Return Of The Saviour?
    13 Jul 2018

    Get Your Wigle On

    Whistle Down The Wind

    Theatre Severn

    Thurs 12th July to Saturday 14th (Saturday Matinee 2.30)

    It takes a very brave company and a confident cast to take on what is probably one of the lesser known musicals from the pen of Andrew Lloyd Webber, Whistle Down the Wind.

    Get your Wigle on again fulfilled their objectives and left a fair sized theatre audience happy and pleased as was seen at the end with the raptuous applause that they received at the finale.

    Telling the story of three children who find Jesus in their barn. Well that's who he says he is, he is on the run from prison and when they discover him, the children believe he is Jesus Christ. Well, all with the exception of Poor Baby, played extremely well by Peter Balmer, who saw through it, although his protestations went largely unnoticed. One read this as an allegory suggesting in the end that god is in us all, and evil can never be allowed to triumph over good. Sweet message for those who believe.

    Jim Steinman wrote the lyrics and fans will already understand his theatricality. If you imagine Meat Loaf’s album, Bat out of Hell and Bonnie Tyler’s, Total eclipse of the Heart you will get the idea of how big these show songs are. The Wigle’s proved once again they have the talent and the voices to carry off these triumphs. To see this show done badly would be quite an ordeal. But using the safe pair of hands analogy, thy didn’t falter in their excellence.

    The Wigles also give children a chance and treat them with respect and nuture them until the talent that’s in there comes flooding out. With singing one can not start too young as Poppy Moelwyn-Williams and Sophie Bowen proved. They earned their place on the stage and proved the director was right for including them. And of course they stole the hearts of the audience.

    Having said that the youngsters all put in an excellent day at the office and no one but no one should not have been there.

    James Broxton as the escaped prisoner was excellent. He has a very, very big voice with an alarmingly good range. His low notes and high notes held the strength of a true pro. Overall that was the pattern as all voices were massive and coped beautifully with the gruelling schedule.

    But on the subject of big voices one was instantly struck by the power Swallow’s (Katie Edwards) beautiful tones. She had the lion’s share of the singing and handled all of it wonderfully she has great stage presence and if the Wigles lose her to the London Stage soon one wouldn’t be remotely surprised. There is not that many singers one can say that about but Miss Edwards is amongst them.

    Eve Smith also made a tremendous job of the third sibling, Brat. There were many demands on her and she played up to them magically.

    The local musicians that make the orchestra were a breath of fresh air and it is always nice to see the orchestra pit used. There is nothing like live music. These note perfect guys were bang on the money. It might be good however to look at reducing the drum kit it was slightly too noisy in the opening number and for a moment it became a battle of drums versus singers and of course that is not how it should work.

    I am not sure transferring the narrative to America was necessary. Of course in Brian Forbes’ film of 1961, written by Keith Waterhouse and Ted Willis the charm was the Northern accents of the children. It was set in the Lakes or somewhere in the North and one was warmed by the innocence of the children recognisable from the timbre in the warm Northern voices. That charm is lost and the narrative suffers for it.

    Whilst the American accents were faultless why Lloyd Webber agreed to sending this quintessentially English film over the pond one may never know. Maybe it was to attract the attention of Steinman, who knows? But one feels Lloyd Webber gave our charming story away to Broadway, where innocent charm is lost by the size of the shows. The story is a simple one after all.

    That said, once again Get Your Wigle on Theatre company have delivered a beautiful casted and performed presentation. They really are rapidly becoming the greatest exponents of musical theatre and the fact that they are local is extremely exciting. One is watching them get stronger and stronger. Well done guys!

    This is a Four Star review.

    Owen J Lewis

    Owen Lewis
  • Jaywalkers
    09 Oct 2018

    One of the UK’s finest Acoustic Americana, Bluegrass & Country bands are heading to The Hive in Shrewsbury on Saturday 17th November! Jaywalkers have been delighting audiences for over 10 years; taking their exciting, inventive and virtuosic brand of Americana up, down and around the UK and Europe. These three outstanding musicians have developed a tight bond, demonstrated through their well-crafted, tasteful arrangements and ability to bounce ideas around the stage. The combination of powerhouse bass, flame-fingered mandolin, blistering fiddle and three-part harmony pack a punch as fiery as Jay’s lead vocals and make a fuller sound than expected from an acoustic trio.

    This winter, Jaywalkers are on a full UK tour to support the release of their brand-new album ‘Time to Save the World’, released in early November. This is their 4th studio album, recorded during the peak of the 2018 summer heatwave with the extremely talented Josh Clark as producer, and is Jaywalkers’ finest body of work to date. Featuring 10 original songs (and a Johnny Cash cover for good measure) their new music plays on the strengths of each member all encompassed by Mike’s musically crafted and lyrically perceptive song writing. The 25-date tour starts in early November and continues through to the end of February 2019, culminating in a home-town gig at the newly built, state of the art Storyhouse in Chester.

  • New apartments are first of their kind for Shrewsbury
    03 Apr 2017
    New resident relaxing in the cafe.

    The first residents have moved into a multimillion pound development for the over 55s in Shrewsbury.

    Withywood,off Ellesmere Road, is the sixth innovative scheme to be developed by The Wrekin Housing Trust and Choices under their ShireLiving name and the first of its type to offer affordably rented apartments in Shropshire (outside of Telford and Wrekin).

    The state-of-the-art complex has created much-needed homes to meet the demands of an ageing population and offers peace of mind and security to those looking for a hassle-free retirement, providing smart and stylish accommodation and security from 24-hour staff who offer flexible care and support if required.

    Scheme Manager Heather Skelton says: “It’s great to see our first residents moving into their apartments and the building come to life.  Both residents and neighbours from the local area are enjoying using the café to meet with friends and grab a meal or coffee. Withywood already has a great community feel and we’re extending this by making connections in the local area. Our onsite staff are available 24/7 which gives people the reassurance they need to live independently.”

    Thelma Traveller, 89, and has recently moved to Shrewsbury from North Wales to be closer to her daughter. Thelma says; “It’s beautiful here. The staff are just lovely. It’s great to live near to my daughter but I’m completely independent form her. We enjoy meeting up and going out for lunch and I can also catch the bus into town to do my own things.  You can be as private as you like here but also mix with your neighbours and enjoy events like last week’s evening when a Ukulele band played. It’s reassuring to know that if something were to happen there will be someone to help me and it’s good to have care and support available too if I need to use it in the future.”

    Managing Director for The Wrekin Housing Trust, Wayne Gethings, says: “By 2030 there will be over 100,000 people in Shropshire over the age of 65 and we will also see a rise of 86% in people aged over 85. Withywood is an example of our commitment to build quality, purpose designed homes that make our lives easier to manage as we get older and will be joined by schemes in Oswestry and Bicton later this year. Our developments in Staffordshire and Telford have been very successful and proved very popular. ”

    There are still a few apartments remaining and for information call 01952 217306.

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