Ian Swindell from Lunts pharmacy is urging people to get their flu jab as the winter looks to be severe
13 Oct 2017
Experts have warned the impending flu season could be more severe and result in more illness than previous years - and a Shropshire pharmacist is urging people in the county to prepare. NHS England have warned there could be more cases of flu than usual after Australia and New Zealand experienced their worst outbreak for several years. Ian Swindell, of Lunts pharmacies, is urging those considered...
Shrewsbury Quarry Winter Scene
13 Dec 2012
Sometimes I think it’s easy to forget just how pretty our county is. And whilst I love the rolling hills and stunning countryside surrounding our county town, Shrewsbury itself has a lot to be proud of! As the Town of Flowers, Shrewsbury blooms in the summer (excuse the pun!), but this photo of a snowy morning in the park reminds me just how beautiful our town is whatever the weather.   I think...
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