Shropshire Carers

07 Jan 2015
Church Stretton is well known, locally, as quite a sleepy little town - surrounded by the gorgeous hills of Caer Caradoc, the Lawleys and the Long Mynd. Stretton attracts many thrill seekers during the weekends, muddy mountain bikers, hill runners and walkers, and also those that prefer a gentler pace and the partly flat ground of the pretty Cardingmill Valley. During the week, Stretton is a...
chocolate eclairs
03 Jun 2013
What is a pop up chocolate café? I wasn't too sure either when I went to Serenity on Sunday but the promise of anything mildly chocolate related was enough to pique my interest. Julia Wenlock of Toot Sweets was raising money for Shropshire Carers and had taken over the Serenity restaurant with a full on chocolate feast. Chocolate meringues, cake, brownies, cheese cake, pie and even chocolate...
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