Big Cat. Smaller Engine
03 Sep 2017
   When Porsche announced they were going build their Cayman and their Boxster with four-cylinder engines rather than their more familiar (should I have said legendary?) flat-6, the car critics quite literally went into overdrive. “It’ll never feel as good”. “It’ll never sound as good”. “They’ve stolen its character”. “A Porsche with a 4 cylinder engine – it’s sacrilegious”. I’m paraphrasing of...
18 Oct 2016
    I missed out last year out on the chance to join my fellow motor-noters in Montenegro for the launch of Jaguar’s all-new F-pace, my invitation seemingly “lost in the post”. Since then too, the chance to drive the F-Pace has eluded me. The coastal roads and forests near the Adriatic would’ve no-doubt proved to be the perfect playground in which to sample the all-wheel drive capabilities of...
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