Dealing with a challenge……….

Ofsted. A word that strikes fear into even the least faint-hearted professionals. So when the Corporate Director of People Services at Shropshire Council asked me to co-ordinate the authority’s unannounced safeguarding Ofsted inspection, I couldn’t help thinking I’d bitten off a little more than I could chew. As a graduate at Shropshire Council, an insight that I’ve gained is that personally I regard a challenge as integral to any job. I’d certainly got myself one of those.

A wise person once said “those who fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” Unfortunately this person has never heard of unannounced Ofsted inspections where the element of surprise stifles the beauty of preparation. In all appearances it was an unsuspecting, calm Monday morning, when we received the call that an Ofsted inspection would be commencing that very day.

Calm soon dissolved into a fast paced flurry of activity as; numerous logistical arrangements, data requests and timetables were pulled together. Admittedly I felt a tinge of excitement, constantly being kept on my toes, dealing with unexpected situations, there certainly wasn’t a dull moment.

8 Ofsted inspectors, 2 weeks and several chocolate bars later, I emerged the other side. The Ofsted challenge successfully completed. If there is one piece of advice to leave you with its this; don’t shy away from a challenge, step up to it, you might just enjoy it.


Shrop Grad Shrop Grad

Laura Herbert is the Graduate & Apprentice Manager for Shropshire Council and the manager of ShropGrad, the organisation’s Graduate Programme. Over the next few months, the graduates on the programme will be chronicling their progress, discussing key themes within graduate employment and offering advice and shadowing opportunities for local graduates.

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