Meet the team and help us out

After our last post, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain”, we thought we’d introduce ourselves a little bit more, just so you actually know who we all are.

Our glorious team is made up of 5 main members: 

Dale Shepherd, Sophie Ewan-Roberts, Lewis Moorcroft, Louise Tierney & Chris Jones (as seen L-R in the photo accompanying this article!)

Chris Jones

Chris is a founder and leader of the Project WIP / Web Services team but also leads the ICT Architecture and Integration team. He’s been involved with Local Government for over 10 years, building and designing websites, developing CRM solutions and integration platforms, and leading and managing product development.

Dale Shepherd

After a (large) number of years working in various IT jobs in the public and private sector, Dale is now a developer for the Web Services team where he builds solutions for a range of projects whilst drinking lots of coffee. Outside of work he spends quality time with his family and his spare time with his PS3.

Lewis Moorcroft

Lewis joined the Web Services team in April 2009, when the unitary council formed. He specialises in both front and back-end development. Away from work he can be found elsewhere on the internet, creating digital landscape artwork.

Louise Tierney

Louise is honing her skills as a UX designer in the Web Services team. She has a love for beautiful designs and enjoys re-engineering the way people use websites.  When not at work Louise can be found working on her own websites, exercising at circuit classes or volunteering with birds of prey.

Sophie Ewan-Roberts

Sophie has been working for the council in Shropshire for quite a few years. She started out in the library service and is now working in the Web Services team. When not glued to a computer screen she can usually be found glued to her Kindle.

… and help from other amazing teams

We also have a helping hand from neighbouring teams such as the Geographic & Data Services team who helped us provide the ‘Find My Nearest’ functionality and the Integration & Architecture team who help us get everything working smoothly.

Together we make up Project WIP.

So, what are we doing?

We're taking a whole new approach with and starting from scratch with each service area. We know that our current site can be a little confusing to use, so we will be re-writing our pages, stripping out the unnecessary jargon and terminology, and grouping them together in a more natural way so you can find what you want quickly and easily.

Saving money is a major priority here at Project WIP, after all, as citizens of Shropshire, we pay our council tax too & that makes up our budget! To make sure we are spending as little as possible, we're doing as much as we can in-house, or with open-source software.

You can help too!

As we are adding new services to we need to continually test our work to make sure we are on the right track. If you fancy helping us out and becoming part of this madness then please sign up to become one of our testers and receive links to early previews of our latest work.

Just so we get a rounded view of things, we also try to get out into the "real world" and talk to people to find out what they think of our current website (and sometimes give them a sneaky preview of our new stuff too!). Recently we visited the Shrewsbury Coffeehouse, armed with an iPad, to conduct some user testing on – the comments and suggestions there have inspired some more tweaks to our layout, and have made us rethink how some of our content is grouped together.

There are many ways to let us know what you think, just take a look at our "Contact us" page on new.shropshire - - or our "How to help" page on our Project WIP blog -

There is no such thing as bad feedback, and we really do look forward to hearing from you soon.


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Project WIP has emerged from the dark and dusty basement of local government to change the face of council websites as we know them. We’re busy developing the new Shropshire Council website ( ) bringing you, the residents of Shropshire, a new and exciting way of accessing the services you want without all that usual council waffle & bureaucracy. Here we’ll writing about our latest developments and new ideas, and you are more than welcome to join in and let us know your opinions. We really do want to hear from you about your ideas and suggestions - this is your website, and we want to get it right for you.

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