UK industry think tank adds new member

Industry think tank Power Electronics UK has added a new member in the form of electrical OEM REO (UK). The company hopes to help in the trade body’s stated aim of creating sustainable growth strategies for the industries it serves. 

The power electronics sector in the UK, valued at an estimated £135bn, is growing at a rate of 10% per year. However, the sustainability of the UK as a thought leader has been threatened in recent years – as the result of lack of engineers and technicians in the talent pipeline.

The forum came into being as a direct result of a 2011 study by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, entitled 'Power Electronics:  A Strategy for Success'. The study amalgamated insights from business, government and universities, to create an integrated plan for sustained growth within the sector.

Amongst the key aims of Power Electronics UK is to create a sustainable supply of high quality, industry prepared graduates.

One of the strategies outlined in the plan involves increased collaboration between academics and key businesses, which can offer core competencies such as access to intellectual property. The addition of REO UK strengthens the think tank's portfolio of existing members, which includes Mclaren, Rolls Royce, Siemens and Schneider (UK).

REO, an original manufacturer of power equipment including electronic controllers, components and electrical regulators has joined Power Electronics’ Industrial Drives group. The company’s main customers are drive manufacturers, systems integrators and users of variable speed drives, as well as companies producing control panels.

"Being part of the global group of REO companies gives us access to a vast library of knowledge and expertise," explained Tim Cooke, business development manager at REO. “We are keen to share this knowledge where appropriate and, of course, develop our own expertise in return.

"One key area of growth is working with our customers to deliver low energy consumption and superior process efficiency to the end user. For example, in Germany we're working on projects with companies like BMW and Siemens on some highly innovative products. We can bring these insights back to the UK in collaborating with and helping both academics and other manufacturers."

REO (UK) is currently expanding ties with the rest of drives industry, having also become a member of the trade body GAMBICA earlier this year.


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