Speeding business driver back on track

A businessman who believed speeding fines were “inevitable” because he drives more than 40,000 miles a year has praised the Worcester course which put him “back on track” to safer driving.

Area sales manager Jason Clarke (42), who has never had a clean licence since he started driving, said the TTC Group speed awareness course he attended in the city had changed his driving behaviour forever.

He praised both West Mercia Police for introducing speed awareness courses in his area and Shropshire’s TTC Group, the UK’s largest provider of driver education for delivering the course.

Alan Prosser, TTC Group Development Director, said: “So many people contact us to say they get a lot out of the course so it is pleasing to hear that Jason, who drives many thousands of miles a year, is now a safer driver. That is what the course is all about.”

Jason, a self confessed “petrol head” in his enjoyment of cars and motorbikes, said: “I have always tried to remain within speed limits but with so many miles every year, I always thought speeding fines were inevitable and I have never had a clean licence since I started driving.”

“The course changed all this. The facts were balanced, the course involved us all in discussion, there was humour and an unpatronising but firm approach which made me think hard about the risks and habits I have adopted in 24 years of driving.

“It is the best £80 I have spent on something I did not expect to believe in,” said Jason, who has previously attended ROSPA defensive driving courses put on by his employers to reduce the risk to sales staff and cut insurance premiums. He has also passed the advanced motorcyclist course and rides thousands of miles a year for pleasure.

Jason, from Tewsksbury in Gloucestershire, said the speed awareness course was four hours “well spent” and saved him a £60 fine and another three points on his licence. It also stopped him from “waiting” for the next camera to catch him speeding.

He was caught in his Audi car speeding by a safety camera in a line of traffic through a 50mph road tunnel in Monmouth and attended the course in Worcester.
After the course, Jason said he now sticks to speed limits and realises that he always catches up to the motorist who overtakes him at speed.

“I learned a lot on the course. Speeding is not a hazard of the job, it is my responsibility to drive within the limit and I am now much more aware of what the speed limit is,” added Jason, who travels through the south west England and across Ireland with his work for a Nottinghamshire industrial vacuum company.


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