Shropshire Solicitors Issue Legacy Warning

An expert law firm is encouraging generous individuals to keep their legal documents up to date, following a rise in the number of wills being disputed by family members who feel that charities have been left too much money.

Shropshire-based PCB Solicitors are advising those who want to leave a charitable legacy to review their will on a regular basis to not only ensure that inheritance assets are distributed appropriately, but to avoid any potential disputes. 

Solicitor at the firm, Pauline Davies, explained: “There have been a number of high profile cases recently highlighted by the media, where individuals have divided the bulk of their assets between family members and left any remaining money to charity. With rising property prices and the over-50s becoming increasingly wealthy, many people fail to take into account the increased value of their home. If a will is not kept up to date, there is a danger that residual monies intended for charity ends up being far greater than the legacies bequeathed to loved ones.” 

The number of wills being challenged by put-out relatives has trebled in the past few years, with family breakdowns also contributing towards the statistics.

Pauline continued: “Many people believe that legal disputes over money left to charities are an exception to the rule, but unfortunately this is not the case. In order to ensure your hard-earned assets and possessions are shared the way you want, it is important to update your will regularly.”

“Although it is often thought to be lengthy and costly, updating a will is actually a simple process that, with the support of an experienced solicitor, is an inexpensive and painless affair. I’d recommend anybody looking for advice and guidance on their will to get in touch with us at the Shrewsbury Head Office on 01743 248148 or visit the website”   

PCB Solicitors LLP is a modern partnership, with offices in Shrewsbury, Broseley, Church Stretton, Craven Arms, Knighton, Ludlow, Telford, and Worcester. While they have origins back to 1860, the firm is forward-looking and offers a full range of legal advice for both individuals and businesses, including property, family advice and childcare matters, wills, trusts, probate and estate planning, accident and personal injury, litigation, criminal law and corporate and business law.


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