Shropshire automotive glazing company launches fleet check campaign ahead of National Road Safety Week

Bosses at a leading Shropshire automotive glazing company today launched a campaign for employers to ensure their fleet of vehicles and their employees’ windscreens were safe as part of a Road Safety Week campaign.

John Smallman, co-owner of the National Windscreens branches in Oswestry, Telford and Wolverhampton, said too many people ignored the importance of their car’s windscreen being in good repair.

Mr Smallman, speaking ahead of Road Safety Week which runs from November 18-24, said what might seem like a small, insignificant chip on the windscreen could soon cause major problems for a driver.

Mr Smallman said: “I cannot stress enough how important it is for people to have a windscreen which is in good repair to ensure they have a safe journey, however far they are going.

“Sometimes drivers see a small crack or chip in their windscreen and think it’s not too serious and carry on driving without getting it repaired.

“However, that small crack can easily and quickly turn into a large one. This is especially dangerous when driving as often the large crack can hinder the driver’s vision, as well as being illegal. This in itself could cause an accident.”

Mr Smallman is urging employers to contact him if they would like a free fleet check to take place as part of the safety week campaign.

He said employers had a responsibility for the safety of their staff.

But Mr Smallman also urged staff to make the proper checks to ensure a safe journey to and from work in their own cars.

James Morgan, co-owner of the the three National Windscreens branches, said they were aware that many people did not check their windscreens or if they did and realised it needed repairing often put it off due to work and family commitments.

“We know how difficult it is to fit in a visit to a garage so we bring the garage to the driver.

“At National Windscreens we do fleet checks where our fitters will go out and check all of the vehicles in the company car park for damage to their windscreen.

“We give individual reports for the company and employees to take action. It gives them peace of mind that their car is in good working order, if that is the case, or the knowledge they need to get a repair carried out which can often be done there and then without any inconvenience to them.

"A windscreen repair or replacement is one of those jobs that people realise they need to get done but only remember when they get into their car and then forget as soon as they get back out again.

"By visiting work premises we find the employees are grateful we save them the time of visiting a branch out of work hours.

“Everyone is busy and having a windscreen repaired or replaced is usually at the bottom of their list until it is too late and they are forced into the situation when they least need it which in turn causes stress and delays.”


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