Parched lawns

Looks a bit sad, doesn't? This is what the hot weather has done to Shrewsbury Croquet Club's new lawns.

So what do we do about it? The Council's ground staff tell us  not to water: "The grass will recover". Some of our members aver that only a good drenching will save the lawns from total ruin. If you're an expert on grass, let us know what you would do - but remember the lawns are young and have not yet had a chance to get their roots down deep. 

Another fact to consider is that beneath the surface are the remains of wartime air-raid shelters. Quite a challenge.

What do you think? Give our secretary a call on 01939233196.


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Not strictly correct. council grounds staff have recommend if you water that you make sure infiltration rates are maintained, ie you put enough water on to get through to to root profile as water sitting on the surface can cause problems.Also to much water or flooding can also have negative effects.As I write this its pouring down and I can see your lawn growing AND GREENING UP ALREADY