New Shrewsbury store’s friendly neighbours provide an unexpected bonus

A new independent furniture store in Shropshire is enjoying an unexpected bonus thanks to its friendly neighbours - a household recycling site.

Chapel House Furniture opened at Battlefield Enterprise Park last year, next to Shrewsbury Household Recycling Centre.

And they are already getting extra customers who spot the business after visiting the centre to dispose of their unwanted items.

Mike Cummings, manager of Chapel House Furniture, said: “Since we opened just a few months ago the business has been growing really well. We didn’t think about it at the time, but being next door to the recycling centre has been an unexpected bonus for us.

“We are finding that a number of people realise that we are here as they get rid of unwanted furniture at the recycling centre or the Reviive charity furniture store just down the road.

“For them we are in an ideal location at a time when they are thinking of getting something to replace and upgrade what they have thrown away or recycled. It is so convenient.”

Mr Cummings said Chapel House imported its furniture direct from the factory, meaning the sale price was a lot lower than people expected.

“When people come into the store they are often surprised at the bargains that we have to offer,” he said.

“Unlike some other stores we are an importer of furniture direct from the factory. We offer the same quality furniture at cheaper prices because we don’t have to pay extra costs, such as for distribution.

“We have got certain items that we sell for £250 that others sell for £400. The reason for that is the margins.

“We want people to come to us and go away knowing they have bought a quality piece of furniture at a reasonable price.”


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