Jim Hawkins at Shrewsbury's Old Market Hall 6th Feb

Local broadcaster, writer and photographer Jim Hawkins will be sitting in the cafe at Shrewsbury's Old Market Hall on Thursday February 6, for a very particular reason.

The reason is:  we need to talk more.  In particular, we need to feel more able to talk about mental health.  But it's not always easy to begin those conversations.

The Time To Change campaign is working to eliminate stigma and discrimination against people with mental health problems.  Realising how much difference just a cup of tea and a chat can make, it's designated Thursday February 6th as Time To Talk Day.  Time To Change points out that mental health problems are common, and talking about them needn't be as hard as some people fear.  It's aiming to encourage a million conversations about mental health on that one day.  And Jim Hawkins - himself a long-term mental-health patient - is going to be having some of those conversations.

On the afternoon of Time To Talk Day, Jim will be sitting in the cafe in Shrewsbury's Old Market Hall, probably at one of the tables by the big window overlooking the Square.  If you want to talk about mental health - yours, someone else's, even Jim's - then join him there from 1pm, at least until 3pm.  Jim says "there'll be no pressure, it's nothing heavy, just a chance to take some time to talk, on Time To Talk Day."

Find out more here http://www.time-to-change.org.uk/talkday and contact Jim via Facebook www.facebook.com/jimhawkinsltd


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