Double trouble at the Croquet Club

As you can tell from the photo, croquet is a dynamic sport. Don't misunderstand me; no irony is intended.

These young fellows - now that IS irony - are resting after a morning of fierce play in Shrewsbury CC's Handicap Doubles tournament held on June 8th and 9th.

They have lunched sumptuously on bacon butties and are now waiting for Eddy's partner ( Eddy Knapton is the one on the left catching a few restorative winks ), Jim Penny, who is off camera finishing his - could it be his third? - bacon butty.

The two relaxed gents on the right are Sean Sheridan and Julian Remfry, who are about to win a hard-fought final +13, as the score is traditionally expressed in croquet. This means that when the winners pegged out, scoring 12 hoops and the peg twice, Eddy and Jim had scored only 13 points, in spite of a bravura 9-hoop break by Jim.

And that was six and a half hours play in the blazing sun with which we were blessed at the weekend. Between them these four had probably walked about 20 miles in the day. No wonder the poor old fellers look so tired. Find out more from Graham on 01939 233 196.


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